82 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Hot Dog Fromagef7C+ *15/Sep/15Almscliff
 Yorkshire Ripper6b+ ***24/May/15Bramcrag Quarry
 MyopiaE1 5b 14/May/15Caley Crags
 The Pinchf6C *13/May/15Caley Crags
 Right Wallf6B+ 22/Apr/15Caley Crags
 Blackhead Startf7B 06/Apr/15Almscliff
 'Arries 'ook direct startf7A+ *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Dreamlandf7A+ **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Pebble Wall Variationf7B *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Pebble Wallf6C+ ***06/Apr/15Almscliff
 The Crucifix Aretef6A+ *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Crucifix Arete Eliminatef7A **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 The Crucifix Traversef7A 06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Dolphin Belly SlapV6 6b **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Demon Wall Rooff7A+ **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Stu's Roof Standing Startf7A *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Si's Aretef7A+ 06/Apr/15Almscliff
 The Horrorf7A+ **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Teaspoon Variation Leftf7A **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Teaspoon Variationf6A *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Patta's DynoV6 6b *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Patta's Aretef7A **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Silver Troutf7B *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Pipping Aretef6C+ **06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Cuticulaf6C 06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Matterhorn Ridge LH startf7A *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Teflon Traversef6C 06/Apr/15Almscliff
 In Limbof6C *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 The Flying Aretef6B ***06/Apr/15Almscliff
 The Right Wingf6B *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Morrell's Wall Traversef7A *06/Apr/15Almscliff
 Black wall dynoV7 *04/Apr/15Almscliff
 Morgan (start only)f6B *23/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
 Treasure Huntf7B *28/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Mestizo SSf7A+ **25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Physical Graffitif6B **25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 The Shieldf7B+ ***25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Mugsy (Ya Bass)f7A ***25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Gorillaf6B ***25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Mestizof6A ***25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Slap Happyf7A **25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Totof6A ***25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 Bust My Chopsf7A **25/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
 SunsetterHVS 5a *24/Sep/14Limekilns
 Tufa King Hard6c+ *18/Aug/14Chapel Head Scar
 Not the Traversef7A+ 24/Jul/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe...
 Breaking Wavef7A **19/Apr/14Glen Lednock...
 Afraid of the Wavef7A ***19/Apr/14Glen Lednock...
 Shallow Grave Super Directf7B 01/Apr/14Trowbarrow
 Grimlocks New Brainf7A *01/Apr/14Trowbarrow
 Mojof7A+ *01/Apr/14Trowbarrow
 The Vole Left Hand SSf6C 24/Mar/14Back Bowden Doors
 Sorcerer's Apprentice SSf7A 24/Mar/14Back Bowden Doors
 Hoodoo Peoplef6C **29/Dec/13Warton Pinnacle Crag
 Totally Focussed SSf7A+ *29/Dec/13Warton Pinnacle Crag
 Beastmasterf6C **29/Dec/13Warton Pinnacle Crag
 Transformer Direct Startf7A **10/Sep/13Bowden Doors
 Povertyf7A+ *10/Sep/13Bowden Doors
 Toff's Jumpf7A 10/Sep/13Bowden Doors
 Transformerf6A+ **10/Sep/13Bowden Doors
 Dog Eat Dogf7A **10/Sep/13Bowden Doors
 Under the Spellf7A **10/Sep/13Back Bowden Doors
 Low and Hardf7B *10/Sep/13Back Bowden Doors
 Little Pixiesf7A *10/Sep/13Back Bowden Doors
 Darthf6C 10/Sep/13Back Bowden Doors
 Thundering Apoplexyf7B **10/Sep/13Back Bowden Doors
 Playing Rudiesf7A+ **08/Jul/13Kyloe-in-the-wood...
 Shallow Gravef7A+ **23/Feb/13Trowbarrow
 The Funk Phenomenaf7A *23/Feb/13Trowbarrow
 The Pit Problemf7B *23/Feb/13Trowbarrow
 Common Trollsf6C *24/May/12Kentmere Boulders
 The Holef7A+ *24/May/12Kentmere Boulders
 Middle Earthf7B 24/May/12Kentmere Boulders
 Sleeping with the Flowersf6C+ *16/Mar/12Roaches Upper Tier
 The Undercutf7A *06/Mar/12Wright's Rocks...
 Alternative Three Sit Startf6C ***06/Mar/12Wright's Rocks...
 Davrosf6C+ *06/Mar/12Wright's Rocks...
 High Speed Imp Actf7A ***06/Mar/12Gentleman Rock...
 Electroflyf7A **06/Mar/12Gentleman Rock...
 Limp Lizard / Slow Wormf7B **06/Mar/12Gentleman Rock...
 Deliverancef7B+ ***19/Apr/11Stanage Plantation
 Boot Boys Startf6C *10/Apr/11Raven Tor (Miller's...