29 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Black and TansS 4a ***12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Jeffcoat's ChimneyVD **12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Tealeaf CrackS 4a *12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Beckermet SlabS 4b *12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Fern CrackS 4b **12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Sifta's Quid Inside RouteS 3a 12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Sifta's QuidHS 4b *12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Captain LethargyHVD 12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Rocking Stone GullyHVD 12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Straight CrackHS 4a 12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Flake ChimneyD *12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Lucas ChimneyS 4a *12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Guano GullyVS 4c 12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Raven Rock GullyD **12/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Condor ChimneyVD 12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Cracked AreteHS 4b 12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Time to be HadHVD *12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Ralph's MantelshelvesS 4a 12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 LighthouseVD *12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Letter Box GullyM 12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Ogden RecessVD 12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 OgdenVD *12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Perched Block AreteVD *12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Tower ChimneyD *12/May/11Roaches Skyline
 Pedestal RouteHVD 4a ***12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Technical SlabHS 4a **12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Right RouteVD ***12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 Kelly's ShelfS 4b *12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
 The SlothHVS 5a ***12/May/11Roaches Upper Tier