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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Finale Groove4516919/Jul/12Boulder Ruckle
 The Conger3016718/Jul/12Fishermans Ledge
 East Face Route (Original Route)32836711/Jul/12(Old Man of) Hoy
 England's Dreaming3645909/Jul/12Blacknor North
 Horny Lil' Devil2664017/Jun/12Lulworth
 Raw Deal3964017/May/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Ambiguously Straightforward173310/May/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Shakin' Like a Leaf2364110/May/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Dinner Date84305/May/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Get Kimitri!11225/Apr/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Subcutaneous Tissue4-22/Apr/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Medusa Falls2843812/Apr/12Blacknor South
 Space Tourist1363809/Apr/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Hell Gates4625108/Apr/12Avon Gorge...
 Suspension Bridge Arete5523608/Apr/12Avon Gorge...
 Coronation Street28824607/Apr/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Slim Finger Crack125330/Mar/12Harrisons Rocks
 Seattle be the Day39311/Mar/12Blacknor North
 Sloe Gin401303/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Boo17203/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Big Deal25803/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Utopia451803/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 The Demon Trundler12403/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Thor421203/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Castles Made of Sand596403/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Stone Cold Fever723603/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Opt Out1321803/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Six Finger Exercise143329/Feb/12The Cuttings
 Persistence2-29/Feb/12Blacknor Central
 Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation2162629/Feb/12Blacknor Central
 Burning Skies1613529/Feb/12Blacknor Central
 Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune2551029/Feb/12Blacknor North
 Drag Racing Underground18329/Feb/12Blacknor North
 Buoys will be Buoys3935009/Feb/12Battleship Back...
 Definitely Maybe359518/Jul/11The Cuttings
 Jugmaster Funk Meets M.C. Lane33-23/Jun/11Lulworth
 The Laws Traverse200423/Jun/11Lulworth
 The Maypole398923/Jun/11Lulworth
 Never Lose that Feeling89423/Jun/11Wallsend North
 The Price of Silence4652023/Jun/11Battleship Back...
 Lazy Days and Summer Haze3591223/Jun/11Battleship Main
 Never Drive a Car When You're Dead4122223/Jun/11Battleship Main
 Punter's Way212723/Jun/11Blacknor Far South
 Escape from the Dwaafee Room274523/Jun/11Blacknor Far South
 Ocean Drive2681023/Jun/11Blacknor Far South
 Fear's Younger Brother3301523/Jun/11Blacknor Far South
 Fallen Slab10831423/Jun/11Blacknor Beach
 Arête Route6-23/Jun/11Portland Head
 Gaze of the Gorgon831323/Jun/11Blacknor Central
 Go With the Flow2553323/Jun/11Blacknor Central

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