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Wishlist for Matthew Ferrier

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  Climb name Added Crag name
 West Side Story976320/Nov/14Burbage West
 The Tormented Sole5206/Nov/14Smugglers Terrace
 Psychosis3306/Nov/14Smugglers Terrace
 Marbled in Stone1-06/Nov/14Smugglers Terrace
 Lichen Wall Thin Crack-206/Nov/14Kay Nest
 Geireagle1671313/Oct/14Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Ellis's Eliminate2219/Jul/14Ingleby Incline
 The Hypocrisy Of Moose3404/Jun/14Danby Crag
 No Expectations1-02/Jun/14White Hill...
 Archaeopteryx3-22/May/14Maiden's Bluff
 The Long Reach973119/Apr/14Beinn Trilleachan...
 Jugendstil4228/Mar/14Maiden's Bluff
 Fanghorn-227/Mar/14Boat Howe Crags
 The Pasketti Alpinist6226/Feb/14Roseberry Topping
 Profit of Doom414422/Feb/14Curbar Edge
 Rat Scabies28522/Feb/14Curbar Edge
 The Polish Diplomat2212/Feb/14Danby Crag
 West Face Direct3-19/Jan/14Wainstones
 Billet The Kid4-11/Dec/13Smugglers Terrace
 Halcyon Dace1-11/Dec/13Smugglers Terrace
 A Plaice Lost In Time4211/Dec/13Smugglers Terrace
 Teddy Bears' Picnic4307/Dec/13Rivelin Quarries
 The Bear Necessities--07/Dec/13Rivelin Quarries
 Flex3307/Dec/13Rivelin Quarries
 Great West Road1723213/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Knightsbridge2943013/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Twikker1342013/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Saville Street781713/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Gates of Mordor1103313/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Plague13213/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
 Aeroflot47913/Nov/13Over Owler Tor
 Gettin' Kinda Squirrelly9510/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
 Moolah11510/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
 Wall Street Crash9-10/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Meeze Brugger5-10/Nov/13Millstone Edge
 Silly Arete2396913/Oct/13Craig Pant Ifan...
 Gluon2-04/Sep/13Highcliffe Nab
 Alcove Wall Project-228/Aug/13Danby Crag
 Die By The Sword2228/Aug/13Danby Crag
 Darius3277418/Jul/13High Tor
 Praying Mantis2684714/May/13Goat Crags,...
 Tumbleweed Connection931514/May/13Goat Crags,...
 The Philistine913713/May/13High Crag
 Hearth Direct31713/May/13Yew Crags
 Steeple (Summer)1006903/May/13Shelterstone Crag
 Great Wall2119711/Feb/13Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
 A Reach Too Far3210/Feb/13Tarn Hole
 Impressionless Lust2-14/Nov/12Scugdale - Barker's...
 Obsessions of the Mind2-14/Nov/12Scugdale - Barker's...
 Rectum Rift10-23/Oct/12Almscliff

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