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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Roof Of A Baby Buddha192003/Jun/14Maes Newyddion Woods
 Arch Enemies282621/Apr/14Dovedale
 Shock Horror161014/Mar/14Ilkley (Rocky...
 Jasmine321101/Mar/14Bamford Edge
 Make it Snappy18701/Mar/14Gardoms Edge
 The End of the Affair333704/Feb/14Curbar Edge
 Deathwatch272303/Feb/14Ilkley (Cow and...
 Meshuga51017/Jan/14Black Rocks
 Total Seizure111330/Dec/13Promenade
 Brown's Eliminate93110107/Dec/13Froggatt Edge
 Never, Never Land151202/Dec/13Ramshaw Rocks
 Moon Walk1449816/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Linden281816/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Slackers171016/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Messiah41212/Nov/13Burbage South Edge
 Pebble Mill934511/Nov/13Burbage South Edge
 Ai No Corrida44611/Nov/13Burbage North
 Barriers in Time142311/Nov/13Roaches Lower Tier
 Masters Of The Universe8810/Nov/13Burbage South...
 Archangel21615410/Nov/13Stanage Plantation
 The Knock1497510/Nov/13Burbage South Edge
 The Sentinel4266610/Nov/13Burbage North
 San Melas2685310/Nov/13Roaches Skyline
 Art Nouveau123410/Nov/13Roaches Skyline
 Wings of Unreason34016810/Nov/13Roaches Skyline
 The Terrace912903/Jun/13Burbage North
 bus stop971619/Feb/13Cromlech boulders
 Jerry's Roof1175819/Feb/13Cromlech boulders
 Paint a Black Picture7207/Feb/13Blacknor Far South
 Keyboard Wall491507/Feb/13Battleship Main
 Shape Shifter13207/Feb/13Battleship Back...
 Declassified14815/Jan/13The Cuttings
 Valley of the Blind1113713/Jan/13Cheddar Gorge North
 Suavito704218/Dec/12Gardoms Edge
 Ultimatum71022/Nov/12Paviland Far Far...
 Tennessee161819/Oct/12Coastguard South
 The Yoghurt Hypnotist782119/Sep/12Rowtor Rocks
 It's a Kind of Magic2172016/Sep/12Cheddar Gorge North
 All Hands to the Pump2222716/Sep/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Stay Golden461903/Sep/12Wallsend North
 Halfway to Heaven301003/Sep/12Wallsend South
 Mark of the Beast331702/Jul/12Lulworth
 Once a Dogger8624/May/12Long Quarry Point
 Arapiles, Oh Arapiles (DWS)691324/May/12Long Quarry Point
 Sweet Smell of Success532220/May/12Wallsend North
 Freeborn Man2415107/Apr/12Fishermans Ledge
 Animal Magnetism141807/Apr/12Lulworth
 The Wave52307/Apr/12Berry Head (The Old...
 Rainbow Bridge1613007/Apr/12Berry Head (The Old...
 Empire of the Sun2558929/Jan/12Anstey's Cove

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