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Wishlist for racerfozzy

18 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Wallaby Wall226529/Mar/12Roaches Skyline
 Glory Road156529/Mar/12Stoney Middleton
 Froth3251529/Mar/12Stoney Middleton
 Golden Gate92429/Mar/12Stoney Middleton
 Gabriel and the Pearly Gates4101629/Mar/12Stoney Middleton
 Zébulon8229/Mar/12Gorges de la Jonte
 Aquò Es Quicon3229/Mar/12Gorges de la Jonte
 Calumette5-29/Mar/12Gorges de la Jonte
 Le bitard8329/Mar/12Gorges de la Jonte
 L'Arête ouest9529/Mar/12Gorges de la Jonte
 Boss Slab242-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Wavy Slab39-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Easy Wall76-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Pine Crack417-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Big Block Gully147-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Left Slab336-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Back Slab Right298322/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier
 Mantel and Pocket107-22/Dec/11Roaches Lower Tier