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Wishlist for Timothy Miller

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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Frontier Ridge (Kuffner Ridge)12210105/Nov/14Mont Maudit
 Bony Fingers5805/Nov/14Whitney Portal
 The Prozac Link91706/Sep/14Uig Sea Cliffs,...
 Scarface10203/Sep/14Indian Creek
 Fingers in a Light Socket9-03/Sep/14Indian Creek
 Elephant Man11-03/Sep/14Indian Creek
 4 X 44-03/Sep/14Indian Creek
 Swiss Direct414813/Aug/14Grand Capucin
 Children of the Moon16413/Aug/14Envers des Aiguilles
 Pedro Polar4213/Aug/14Envers des Aiguilles
 Subtilites Dulferiennes5813/Aug/14Envers des Aiguilles
 Forbes Arete1217310/Aug/14Aiguille du...
 Odins bue2-05/Jul/14Trollfestningen
 Genus Locy--05/Jul/14Vagakallen
 Fluide Glacial--05/Jul/14Cirque de Gavarnie
 Le Pilier Sud7205/Jul/14La Dent d'Orlu
 Les enfants de la dalle111605/Jul/14La Dent d'Orlu
 Pombie Wall Sud-Est - SE Classic9505/Jul/14Pic du Midi d'Ossau
 Gali-Molero1-05/Jul/14Terradets (Roca...
 Le Vent du Dragon35908/Jun/14Aiguille du Midi
 Achemine-427/May/14Dumbarton Rock
 Supercouloir (Original Route)72226/May/14Mont Blanc du Tacul
 Gervasutti Pillar325526/May/14Mont Blanc du Tacul
 South face6422/May/14Dent du Geant
 The Purr-Blind Doomster37821/May/14Cambusbarron Quarry...
 Big Country Dreams721421/May/14Cambusbarron Quarry...
 Divine Providence1318/May/14Grand Pilier d'Angle
 Peuterey Ridge Integral54818/May/14Mont Blanc
 Serpentine2517/May/14Mt Stapylton...
 Sabotage13316/May/14Dumbarton Rock
 Craig's Wall-315/May/14Craigmore
 Sàtiva Patàtica13913/May/14Margalef
 Deathwatch262012/May/14Ilkley (Cow and...
 Bachar-Yerian21106/May/14Medlicott Dome -...
 Cenotaph Corner93170206/May/14Dinas Cromlech
 Right Wall19518106/May/14Dinas Cromlech
 Lord of the Flies5610106/May/14Dinas Cromlech
 The Knock1487406/May/14Burbage South Edge
 Pangur Bán351305/May/14Fair Head
 Hell's Kitchen1052505/May/14Fair Head
 Burn Up692505/May/14Fair Head
 Fáth Mo Bhuartha69605/May/14Fair Head
 Railroad961105/May/14Fair Head
 Midnight Cruiser1051305/May/14Fair Head

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