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Wishlist for pete_naylor

48 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Off With His Head13705/Dec/14Stanage Popular
 Moyer's Buttress4399025/Aug/14Gardoms Edge
 Charlotte's Dream Direct1225/Jun/14Back Bowden Doors
 The File78828129/May/14Higgar Tor
 The Raven5229/May/14Higgar Tor
 Laze8-29/May/14Higgar Tor
 Achilles Heel7-29/May/14Higgar Tor
 Bat Out of Hell523129/May/14Higgar Tor
 Demetreus48729/May/14Idwal Slabs (aka...
 The Sloth102750629/May/14Roaches Upper Tier
 Sling Shot (Burbage South)17728/Apr/14Burbage South Edge
 Goliath554928/Apr/14Burbage South Edge
 David1764928/Apr/14Burbage South Edge
 Pebble Mill934528/Apr/14Burbage South Edge
 The Rasp35523828/Apr/14Higgar Tor
 Auricle2972728/Apr/14Bamford Edge
 Jetrunner1865228/Apr/14Bamford Edge
 Wild and Woolly78428/Apr/14Stanage End
 Sunset Sessions40-22/Apr/14Blacknor South
 Gorilla Warfare4527114/Apr/14Curbar Edge
 Road Closed Ridge4201/Apr/14Winnats Pass
 Speedwell Ridge5-01/Apr/14Winnats Pass
 Matterhorn Ridge1032901/Apr/14Winnats Pass
 Och Aye Wall Direct125320/Mar/14Gardoms Edge
 Wonderlust2801520/Mar/14Cheyne Wears Area
 Santa Claus Retreats12-06/Jul/13Baslow Edge
 Wings of Unreason33516530/May/13Roaches Skyline
 Condor Slab3252030/May/13Roaches Skyline
 Prelude to Space2012030/May/13Roaches Skyline
 Thrug1721330/May/13Roaches Skyline
 Cneifion Arete1251408/Nov/12Cwm Cneifion
 Sub-Cneifion Rib7374508/Nov/12Sub Cneifion Rib
 Technical Slab9424507/Nov/12Roaches Upper Tier
 Cuillin Ridge Traverse41734307/Nov/12Cuillin Ridge...
 Bowfell Buttress41512607/Nov/12Bowfell Buttress
 Rib and Slab Climb1076507/Nov/12Pillar Rock
 Bracket and Slab Climb5275507/Nov/12Gimmer Crag
 Little Chamonix343721307/Nov/12Shepherds Crag
 Great Gable summit457707/Nov/12Great Gable
 Needle Ridge6359107/Nov/12The Napes
 Aonach Mor summit251228/Aug/12Aonach Mor
 North-East Ridge18828/Aug/12Aonach Beag
 The Ramp2-28/Aug/12Aonach Beag, Stob...
 Stob Coire an Laoigh summit110228/Aug/12Stob Coire an Laoigh
 NE Ridge17228/Aug/12Binnein Mor
 Na Gruagaichean via the Southern col6228/Aug/12Na Gruagaichean
 Am Bodach summit212-28/Aug/12Am Bodach
 The Devils Ridge50328/Aug/12Sgurr a'Mhaim