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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Wax Museum271004/May/15Coastguard North
 Casino Royale35226/Feb/15Brean Down
 Prisoner of Conscience67826/Feb/15Brean Down
 Infinite Gravity132822/Feb/15Blackers Hole
 Brass Monkeys633003/Feb/15Stanage Plantation
 Captain Hook1633103/Feb/15Stanage Plantation
 The Wrist Business38830/Jan/15Cheddar Gorge North
 Boyager592228/Jan/15Burbage North
 Galaxy Dove1-26/Jan/15Dovestone Tor
 Them1132012/Oct/14Avon Gorge (Sea...
 Storm Warning Variation36930/Sep/14Brean Down
 Star Spangled Banner271230/Sep/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Return of the Gunfighter192230/Sep/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Bird of Paradise141530/Sep/14Cheddar Gorge South
 L'Attraction Fatale15525/Sep/14Brean Down
 Rose-Line161827/Aug/14Dinas Rock
 Berlin Extension35427/Aug/14Dinas Rock
 Rat On A Hot Tin Roof291727/Aug/14Dinas Rock
 The Rasp37324420/Aug/14Higgar Tor
 The Wizard of Oz91701/Aug/14Berry Head (The Old...
 Rise15424/Jun/14The Darren (aka Lan...
 Sharpy Unplugged13624/Jun/14The Darren (aka Lan...
 Capstan13424/Jun/14The Darren (aka Lan...
 Encore! Magnifique!572424/Jun/14The Gap
 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason18324/Jun/14The Gap
 Contraband7224/Jun/14Llanbradach Quarry
 The Caerphilly Contract4524/Jun/14Llanbradach Quarry
 Grit Box1424/Jun/14Llanbradach Quarry
 Slip Into Something Sexy18324/Jun/14Llanbradach Quarry
 Shadow Of The Sun10-24/Jun/14Llanbradach Quarry
 A Grand day out741106/Apr/14Australia
 Nadin's Traverse - Cooper's Traverse Link7424/Feb/14Roaches Upper Tier
 Arapiles, Oh Arapiles (DWS)691321/Aug/13Long Quarry Point
 Kissin' the Pink60420/Jun/13Oxwich Quarry
 Wilkinson's Sword76820/Jun/13Wyndcliffe Quarry
 Evil Kneeful6620/Jun/13Witches Point...
 Valleys Initiative9220/Jun/13Mountain Ash Quarry
 Propaganda15220/Jun/13Cwmaman Main and...
 Desert Storm7520/Jun/13Llanbradach Quarry
 Heady Days1482308/Jun/13Ban-y-gor
 Dispossessed114508/Jun/13Tintern Quarry
 Mr Whippy192408/Jun/13Wyndcliffe Quarry
 Joy de Viva1001208/Jun/13Foxhole Cove
 Berlin902607/Jun/13Dinas Rock
 Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove1121823/Apr/13Foxhole Cove
 Big Cheese2223/Apr/13Oxwich Quarry
 Heil Hitler851430/Dec/12Wintour's Leap
 Pet Cemetery1062130/Oct/12Ban-y-gor
 Dinosaurs Don't Dyno49630/Oct/12Tintern Quarry

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