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Wishlist for whitehouse_rhys

32 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 La Traversée de Symbiose--20/Jul/1395.2
 Genocide6412/May/13Cratcliffe Tor
 Feeding the Pony1-11/May/13Black Rocks
 Jumping on a Beetle91311/May/13Black Rocks
 Bud1-11/May/13Froggatt Edge
 Sad Amongst Friends1530/Apr/13Stanage Popular
 Warmlove1330/Apr/13Stanage Popular
 Ron's Slab II15301/Mar/13Stanage Plantation
 Andy Brown's Wall4201/Mar/13Stanage Plantation
 Velvet Silence151503/Sep/12Black Rocks
 Commander Energy53111608/Jul/12Roaches Lower Tier
 Silver Lining30604/Jul/12Froggatt Edge
 Ron's Girdle Traverse (Stanage Edge)1303/Jun/12Stanage End
 Nature Trail23803/Jun/12Roaches Skyline
 Track of the Cat713303/Jun/12Roaches Skyline
 The Knock1447024/May/12Burbage South Edge
 The Big Crack3332921/Apr/12Froggatt Edge
 London Wall8321121/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Strapiombo2404021/Apr/12Froggatt Edge
 The Sloth101549320/Apr/12Roaches Upper Tier
 Regent Street66915920/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Piccadilly Circus2381420/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Oxford Street56420/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Bond Street135512520/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Time for Tea4509920/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Embankment 310517620/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Embankment 2 Eliminate (Right-Hand Crack Only)110420/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Embankment 214236520/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Embankment 14391620/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Pool Wall (Lawrencefield)462420/Apr/12Lawrencefield
 The Runnel18320/Apr/12Black Rocks
 Demon Rib381420/Apr/12Black Rocks