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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Sky Larking13222/Apr/15Goblin Combe
 Archimedes Screws6-09/Apr/15Witches Point...
 Reverted Revisionist6-09/Apr/15Witches Point...
 Life In The Slow Lane4-09/Apr/15Witches Point...
 Achilles Hasn't A Foot To Stand On5-09/Apr/15Witches Point...
 Hanging By A Thread1171709/Apr/15Witches Point...
 Boysen's groove1531026/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
 Project 254-12/Jul/14Pumlumon Boulders
 Right Angle3629312/Sep/13Gurnard's Head
 The Voyage25306/Sep/13Porto Cristo (Cova...
 White Noise72506/Sep/13Porto Cristo (Cova...
 Slice of Heaven37506/Sep/13Porto Cristo (Cova...
 Shrek5206/Sep/13Porto Cristo (Tower...
 Enter the Kraken--06/Sep/13Cala Mitjana
 New Forms5-06/Sep/13Cala Mitjana
 Illuminations12206/Sep/13Cala Mitjana
 Gen Lock25206/Sep/13Cala Sa Nau
 Silhouette Arete4321/Aug/13Cuddys Cave
 Secret Handshake25805/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Nu Breed - Sit Start125905/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Hello Sailor!30205/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Pornographic Beats25505/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Streamline - Sit Start100605/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Bling, Bling60305/Jul/13The Cuttings
 The Crack155505/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Cat Killer571605/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Elephant on roller skates19-05/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Bunfight at the Portland Corral136305/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Chalkie and the Hex 56511405/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Canada Dried28205/Jul/13The Cuttings
 In Ya Face39-05/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Witch Doktor9-05/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Southern Soul42805/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Anasazi Lost9505/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Relativity771605/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Seven Fish6205/Jul/13The Cuttings
 The Sod648705/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Consommé7873905/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Lightning Strike571905/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Coronal Mass Ejection36705/Jul/13The Cuttings
 Banana Pancakes13-05/Jul/13The Cuttings
 The Fly9205/Jul/13The Cuttings
 My Crane and My Camel17221/Jun/13Curious Holes Quarry
 Period Piece5-21/Jun/13Ashwick Grove
 Back in Kansas135621/Jun/13Fairy Cave Quarry
 Back to Basics239421/Jun/13Fairy Cave Quarry
 Lunar Landscape227721/Jun/13Fairy Cave Quarry
 Balch's Slide6191321/Jun/13Fairy Cave Quarry
 The Con69521/Jun/13Fairy Cave Quarry
 Real Men do Eat Quiche2111321/Jun/13Fairy Cave Quarry

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