140 climbs in this wishlist (showing 1-50)

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Terrier's ToothHS 4b ***17/Mar/15Chair Ladder
 Battery RibVD *18/Aug/14Lundy
 Avalanche/Red Wall/LonglandsHVD ***05/Jul/14Lliwedd
 Direct RouteVD ***05/Jul/14Milestone Buttress
 Bristly Ridge1 ***05/Jul/14Glyder Fach
 Cneifion AreteD ***05/Jul/14Cwm Cneifion
 Cadair Idris - Penygadair summitsummit 05/Jul/14Cadair Idris -...
 Force EightS 4a *31/May/14Lundy
 IntegrityHS 4b ***22/May/14Lundy
 Seal SlabD **22/May/14Lundy
 The Flying ButtressM *22/May/14Lundy
 BurdockHS 4a 17/Apr/14Sheeps Tor
 Jugs of JoyHVD 23/Jan/14Cheyne Wears Area
 Its a God Awful Small Affair2 23/Jan/14Cheyne Wears Area
 Gunmetal Slab LeftVB 16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Juggy TraverseVB 16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Don't Bring Your Mum2 16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 Jurassic SlabVB 16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Super NovaVB *16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Slim ShadyVB 16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Warm-up Arete RightVB 16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Wolf NumberVB *16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 DugV0 *16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Tunnel SlabVB 16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Deputy DonutV0 *16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Hammer TimeV0 *16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Hard LabourV1 **16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 The CrackV0 **16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Jo's AreteV0+ **16/Jan/14The Cuttings...
 Little Chef5c *16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 On Manoeuvres3 16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 Bonsai3+ 16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 We're Only Placing Bolts for Nigel2+ 16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 Eat, Stick and Die2+ 16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 The Sod5c *16/Jan/14The Cuttings
 Central ButtressVD 14/Jan/14Bench Tor
 Oak Tree Zig-ZagVD **14/Jan/14Bench Tor
 DoorpostHS 4b ***14/Jan/14Bosigran
 AndrewVD 14/Jan/14Bosigran
 Corner ClimbVD *14/Jan/14Sennen
 Intermediate RouteHVD 14/Jan/14Sennen
 Demo RouteHS 4b ***14/Jan/14Sennen
 Junior's Route (aka Cliff Assault Wing Route)D 14/Jan/14Sennen
 Rounded areteVB 4b 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor
 Problem 1V0- 4b 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor
 WallVB 4a 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor
 GrooveVB 4a 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor
 Wall 3VB 3c 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor
 Slabby wallVB 3b 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor
 Runnel in slabby wallVB 3a 14/Jan/14Combestone Tor