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  Climb name Added Crag name
 National Day26225/Sep/14Sea Breeze
 Happy Girlfriend188327/Mar/14Grande Grotta
 Monahiki Elia3451727/Mar/14Grande Grotta
 Socratic Swimming Lessons - Part 126205/Jan/14Vathi
 Hard Shoulder32-12/Sep/13Craig Dwlban
 Escape Route51-12/Sep/13Craig Dwlban
 Bubble Wall7-12/Sep/13Anglers Zawn...
 Conan The Libertarian106321/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
 Green Fingers73221/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
 Route 21033421/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
 More than this215421/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
 Lili Marlene direct41221/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
 open your legs115221/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
 Ffddion Groove54206/Aug/13Waterfall Crag
 Rhubarb Wall97806/Aug/13Waterfall Crag
 Men of Dinorwic Slate103506/Aug/13Waterfall Crag
 Magnificant Rita149306/Aug/13Waterfall Crag
 Custard Corner100506/Aug/13Waterfall Crag
 Suleiman the insignificant114506/Aug/13Waterfall Crag
 Genesis98306/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
 Isabella Rose33206/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
 Roufos46-06/Aug/13Dolphin Bay
 Too Fat for Tufas86206/Aug/13Dolphin Bay
 Gefahrliche Brandung140206/Aug/13Kastelli
 Merci Brothers93-06/Aug/13Kastelli
 Drei Strolche28206/Aug/13School
 Beautiful Helen175406/Aug/13Iliada
 Another Day in Paradise59306/Aug/13Iliada
 Drama120206/Aug/13Symblegades Petres
 Skorpios88-06/Aug/13Symblegades Petres
 Fancy a jump, Geraldine?4-21/Jul/13Dolphin Bay
 Diamonds and Pearls84419/Jul/13Waterfall Crag
 North Wales Guidebook Wars70619/Jul/13Waterfall Crag
 Yr Yr Yr14219/Jul/13Trevor Rocks Area
 Slow Araf Slow31219/Jul/13Trevor Rocks Area
 Umpalumpa Groove7219/Jul/13Independence Quarry
 Yeah, Whatever13-19/Jul/13New Mills Torrs
 The Thin End of the Hedge46219/Jul/13New Mills Torrs
 The Beginning of the End60-19/Jul/13New Mills Torrs
 Uhu5-19/Jul/13Pantymwyn (Devil's...
 The Snurger37-18/Jul/13Frogsmouth Quarry
 Perfumed Groove27218/Jul/13Frogsmouth Quarry
 Assassin bug28218/Jul/13Frogsmouth Quarry

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