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Wishlist for Chazz

27 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Staminahumps7314/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Powerhumps (hard way)38414/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Staminaband14814/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Gargantoit281027/May/09Gorge du Houx
 The Maximum48218/May/09Malham Cove
 Bongo Fury90605/May/09Malham Cove
 Wasted Youth1411005/May/09Malham Cove
 Afroman371325/Mar/09Porto Cristo (Cova...
 Powerband412125/Mar/09Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Pump Up the Power Start8725/Mar/09Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Rose and the Self-employed Business Man281325/Mar/09Stanage Plantation
 Demolition Man601425/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 An Ancient Rhythm60725/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 Litany Against Fear1691225/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 Private Prosecution1651425/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 Run For Your Wife46525/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 Legal Action1851025/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 Say it With Flowers141625/Mar/09Horseshoe Quarry
 Sexo débil27-25/Mar/09Sa Gubia
 Jungle hop13-05/Feb/09Fraguel
 Tequila Forever14205/Feb/09Betlem (El Calo de...
 The Mid-Height Traverse4-17/Jun/08Ilkley (Cow and...
 Jerry's Traverse141329/May/08Stanage Plantation
 Guillotine24308/Mar/08Ilkley (Cow and...
 Brad Pit8510414/Jun/07Stanage Plantation