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Wishlist for Chewie

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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Boo-Boo7621005/Jul/10Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Valerie's Rib11524805/Jul/10Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Christmas Curry176810005/Jul/10Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Bulging Wall411305/Jul/10Craig Pant Ifan...
 Hogmanay Hangover1051405/Jul/10Craig Pant Ifan...
 Poor Man's Peuterey12226105/Jul/10Craig Pant Ifan...
 Creagh Dhu Wall8699705/Jul/10Craig y Castell...
 Tennis Shoe - The Other Direct Start76505/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Hope214416305/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Charity7535505/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Groove Above5222305/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Lazarus9635505/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Nozag8223202/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Keep Arete558902/Jun/10Castle Naze
 The Crack4822202/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Atropine2101102/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Studio6941002/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Pilgrim's Progress4761102/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Zigzag Crack1881202/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Cracked Arete228416/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Cave Arete83510/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Karabiner Slab118310/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Pinnacle Arete101310/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Black Pig245610/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Spare Rib114310/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Bruno Flake90-10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Ogden Arete186210/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Honky Tonk21410/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Karabiner Chimney115910/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Time to be Had237510/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Epitaph Corner458810/Mar/10Hobson Moor Quarry
 Smiler's Corner63224/Feb/10Standing Stones
 Twin Crack Corner2171224/Feb/10Standing Stones
 Pocked Wall117424/Feb/10Standing Stones
 Mammoth Slab32624/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Left Embrasure58424/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 The Jester13-24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 First Triplet48-24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 'Owd on Arete14-24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Noddy's Wall65224/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Answer Crack2391724/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 The Catwalk11-24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Question Mark89324/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Central Tower159724/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Layback Crack144624/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Nasal Buttress2232624/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 The Nose10214/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Nameless One67214/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Stairway Flake Crack11-14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Nice Edge21-14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks

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