52 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Boo-BooVD *05/Jul/10Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Valerie's RibHS 4a **05/Jul/10Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Christmas CurryS 4a ***05/Jul/10Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Bulging WallHS 4a *05/Jul/10Craig Pant Ifan...
 Hogmanay HangoverHS 4b **05/Jul/10Craig Pant Ifan...
 Poor Man's PeutereyS **05/Jul/10Craig Pant Ifan...
 Creagh Dhu WallHS 4b ***05/Jul/10Craig y Castell...
 Tennis Shoe - The Other Direct StartS 4b 05/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 HopeVD ***05/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 CharityS *05/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Groove AboveS 4b *05/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 LazarusS 4a *05/Jul/10Idwal Slabs (aka...
 NozagVS 4c ***02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Keep AreteVS 4b **02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 The CrackVS 4b ***02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 AtropineVS 4b **02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 StudioHS 4b **02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Pilgrim's ProgressHS 4b **02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Zigzag CrackHS 4b **02/Jun/10Castle Naze
 Cracked AreteHS 4b 16/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Cave AreteS 4a *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Karabiner SlabVS 4c *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Pinnacle AreteVS 4c *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Black PigVS 4c *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Spare RibVS 4b *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Bruno FlakeVS 4b *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Ogden AreteS 4b *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Honky TonkS 4a **10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Karabiner ChimneyHVD *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Time to be HadHVD *10/Mar/10Roaches Skyline
 Epitaph CornerVS 4b **10/Mar/10Hobson Moor Quarry
 Smiler's CornerHS 4b *24/Feb/10Standing Stones
 Twin Crack CornerVS 4b ***24/Feb/10Standing Stones
 Pocked WallVS 4b **24/Feb/10Standing Stones
 Mammoth SlabVS 4c **24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Left EmbrasureVS 4b **24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 The JesterS 4a *24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 First TripletS 4a *24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 'Owd on AreteHS 4b *24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Noddy's WallHS 4b *24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Answer CrackHVD ***24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 The CatwalkVS 4a **24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Question MarkHVD *24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Central TowerVD **24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Layback CrackHS 4b **24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 Nasal ButtressHS 4b ***24/Feb/10Dovestones Edge
 The NoseVS 5a 14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Nameless OneVS 4b 14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Stairway Flake CrackHS 4b 14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Nice EdgeHS 4b 14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Snow CrackS 4a 14/Jan/10Rob's Rocks
 Crew's RouteVS 4c ***19/Aug/09Hobson Moor Quarry