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Wishlist for Andre Clarke

20 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Chicago Pipe Dreaming257722/May/13Dancing Ledge
 Lichen Wall10-30/Mar/12Guillemot Ledge
 Cold Couloir301106/Feb/12Valeille Rive Droite
 Il Candelabro del Coyote30303/Feb/12Valeille Rive Gauche
 Tuborg33303/Feb/12Valeille Rive Gauche
 Patri de Droite51431/Oct/11Valnontey Rive...
 Repentance Super201117/Oct/11Valnontey Rive...
 Monday Money28517/Oct/11Valnontey Rive...
 Cascades de Lillaz232827/Sep/11Valeille Rive Droite
 Lillaz Gully75827/Sep/11Valeille Rive Droite
 Juvsøyla241022/Oct/10Upper Gorge (Rjukan)
 Behemoth1063408/Oct/10Boulder Ruckle
 Rjukanfossen61606/Oct/10Upper Gorge (Rjukan)
 Ledgend Direct1891024/Sep/10Guillemot Ledge
 The Spook2042224/Sep/10Guillemot Ledge
 1938 Route2911408/Sep/10Eiger
 Ra54605/Sep/10Carn Barra
 Resin Devotion484201/Sep/09Winspit
 Nine Years Absence457301/Sep/09Winspit
 Stone Mason583801/Sep/09Winspit