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Wishlist for maresia

25 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Get That Man1853608/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Sidekick62607/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Air Conditioning as Standard18507/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Ho, Ho, Ho14507/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Pirates of Lamb Leer64407/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Shakin' Like a Leaf2213907/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Dada62407/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Sunnyside Up1121607/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge South
 Ritual Slaughter45707/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge North
 Joyride1001107/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge North
 Raw Deal3673707/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge North
 Screwballed!2142107/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge North
 Surrealist114816/Nov/07Wintour's Leap
 Moping Owl166403/Jul/06Roche Rock
 Lord Falmouth3691103/Jul/06Roche Rock
 Anvil Chorus7236328/Apr/06Bosigran
 Seal Slab2222828/Apr/06Chair Ladder
 Suicide Wall5339428/Apr/06Bosigran
 South Face Direct4748128/Apr/06Chair Ladder
 Diocese4739928/Apr/06Chair Ladder
 Little Brown Jug105111028/Apr/06Bosigran
 Zig Zag2632428/Apr/06Sennen
 Demo Route164014528/Apr/06Sennen
 White Rhino Tea1093428/Apr/06Berry Head...
 The Conger3016628/Apr/06Fishermans Ledge