47 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Shaftesbury AvenueHVS 5a *28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Embankment 2VS 4c **28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Covent GardenVS 4b **28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 The MallVS 4c ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 EstremoHVS 5a **28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 PlexityHVS 5a ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Lyons Corner HouseHVS 5a ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Great North RoadHVS 5a ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Bond StreetHVS 5a ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 WhitehallHVS 5a **28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Great Portland StreetHVS 5b ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Embankment 3E1 5b ***28/Apr/09Millstone Edge
 Bring me SunshineE2 5c 27/Apr/09Hobson Moor Quarry
 Clive CoolheadE5 6b **24/Apr/09Roaches Lower Tier
 Zigzag CrackHS 4b **20/Apr/09Castle Naze
 Thin CrackVS 4c 20/Apr/09Castle Naze
 The CrackVS 4b ***20/Apr/09Castle Naze
 Tighe's AreteE1 5a **19/Apr/09Hobson Moor Quarry
 LegacyHVS 5a ***18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 Jester CracksHVS 5a ***18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 Twisted SmileHVS 5a ***18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 NecrosisVS 5a **18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 Per ArduaVS 5a **18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 ExodusVS 4c **18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 Ashop CrackVS 4c **18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 EurekaVS 4c **18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 Misty WallVS 4b ***18/Apr/09Kinder Northern...
 Alcove CrackHVS 5a ***18/Apr/09New Mills Torrs
 Mississippi CrackS 4a **16/Apr/09Windgather Rocks
 Route 1.5HVS 4c *16/Apr/09Windgather Rocks
 PortfolioHVS 5b *16/Apr/09Windgather Rocks
 DirectorVS 4c *16/Apr/09Windgather Rocks
 IoVS 5a *08/May/07Subluminal
 Tensor IIVS 5a ***08/May/07Guillemot Ledge
 Bunney's WallVS 5a *08/May/07Cattle Troughs
 Old Lag's CornerVS 4c *08/May/07Cattle Troughs
 HangoverVS 5a **08/May/07Cattle Troughs
 IsisVS 4c **08/May/07Cattle Troughs
 Tennis ShoeHS 4b **21/Feb/07Idwal Slabs (aka...
 Scrattling CrackVD **21/Feb/07Baggy Point
 In Her EyesS 4a 21/Feb/07Baggy Point
 BenS 4a *21/Feb/07Baggy Point
 Shangri-LaS 4a ***21/Feb/07Baggy Point
 The Ridge of Khazad-DumM 21/Feb/07Baggy Point
 The Bridge of Khazad-DumVD 21/Feb/07Baggy Point
 Twin CracksS 4a *28/Dec/06Wimberry Rocks
 Appointment With FearE7 6b ***28/Dec/06Wimberry Rocks