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Wishlist for hallex

30 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 The Devil's Slide64419017/Jan/08Lundy
 Tower Ridge81323001/Dec/07Ben Nevis
 Red Rose Speedway3125831/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Victor Crack149-31/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Bookworm50-31/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Trundlebum Rex3661431/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Transformer13-31/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Golden Fleece10243131/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Peacock248831/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Exchange5932331/Jul/07Symonds Yat
 Inverted Staircase12633603/Jul/07Roaches Upper Tier
 Capitol Climb196803/Jul/07Roaches Upper Tier
 Tealeaf Crack217703/Jul/07Roaches Upper Tier
 Damascus Crack10021803/Jul/07Roaches Upper Tier
 Runner Route299903/Jul/07Roaches Upper Tier
 Trapeze Direct18243030/Apr/07Froggatt Edge
 Flash Harry58623/Apr/07Ogmore (Main)
 Jellyfish Tickler129217/Apr/07Box Bay
 Jack's Noisy Squealing123317/Apr/07Box Bay
 Chairman Mao23-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Witches And Bitches11-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Johnny And His Chinese Eye9-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Soy Sauce9-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Orange Duck13-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Prickly Bulge61217/Apr/07Box Bay
 In Sickness And In Health14217/Apr/07Box Bay
 Sunbleached43-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Bitches And Witches9-17/Apr/07Box Bay
 Slab Recess Direct16241504/Mar/07Froggatt Edge