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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Buena Vista421009/Apr/13Loch Tollaidh Crags
 Merlin's Wand (Super Crack of Rum)311629/Jan/13Wadi Rum
 South-West Ridge1411102/Dec/12Ben Nevis
 Walker Spur1613308/Nov/12Grandes Jorasses
 Deep Cut Chimney (Winter)1485717/Oct/12Hell's Lum
 Directe191117/Oct/12Miroir d'Argentine
 South Face161730/Sep/12Tofana di Rozes
 Hairy Mary665014/Jun/12Suidhe Biorach
 Direct Nose Route383108/Jun/12Sgurr an Fhidhleir
 Presumption23725/Apr/12Sheigra Sea Cliffs
 Groove Armada16923/Feb/12Sarclet
 Cassin321323/Feb/12Tre Cime
 Lomond Corner7422/Feb/12Ben Lomond
 North Wall Groove22719/Feb/12The Cobbler
 Plain Sailing622027/Dec/11The Souter...
 Fiesta de los Biceps (La Visera)8410529/Nov/11Riglos
 Swiss Direct415228/Aug/11Grand Capucin
 Right Wall19818609/Jul/11Dinas Cromlech
 Rébuffat1545308/May/11Aiguille du Midi
 Trap Face Route Direct11805/May/11Sron na Ciche
 Holy, Holy, Holy3384803/May/11Dali's Hole
 The Eye of Allah14518/Nov/10Wadi Rum
 Rum Doodle10418/Nov/10Wadi Rum
 Orange Sunshine17418/Nov/10Wadi Rum
 Cuore Di Ferro (The Iron Heart)-326/Sep/10Pizzi Gemelli
 The Concrete Chimney2658329/Aug/10Gogarth North Stack...
 South-West Ridge8629/Jun/10Schreckhorn...
 North-East (Mittellegi) Ridge4610129/Jun/10Eiger
 The Beauty35829/Jun/10Wadi Rum
 The Pillar of Wisdom22729/Jun/10Wadi Rum
 Inshallah Factor (Free)11429/Jun/10Wadi Rum
 The Chasm-521/Jun/10Buachaille Etive Mor
 Cassin8912020/Jun/10Piz Badile
 Recess Route221215/Jun/10The Cobbler
 Jamie Jampot1432324/May/10Suidhe Biorach
 Trapeze702224/May/10Aonach Dubh, West...
 True Moments/Freebird1152411/May/10Gogarth South Stack
 Britomartis4858811/May/10Gogarth North Stack...
 Scavenger2266311/May/10Gogarth North Stack...
 Emulator3263911/May/10Gogarth North Stack...
 Haystack291510/May/10Shelterstone Crag
 The Strand54912009/May/10Gogarth North Stack...
 Wall of Silence38509/May/10Reiff - Rubha...
 Elastic Collision70709/May/10Reiff - An Stiuir
 Seal Song49509/May/10Reiff - An Stiuir
 A Walk Across the Rooftops21709/May/10Reiff - Roinn...
 Crack of Desire True Finish11309/May/10Reiff - Roinn...
 Wyatt Earp5409/May/10Reiff - Roinn...
 Agony17909/May/10Beinn Trilleachan...
 Jack the Ripper993808/May/10Stac Pollaidh

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