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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Escape from Llanberis1306/Oct/13Crafnant bouldering
 The Pit and The Pendulum5423/Apr/13Milestone Buttress...
 Grand Opera22405/Jun/12The Bowderstone
 Slapstick11405/Jun/12The Bowderstone
 Sick Happy2222/May/12Clogwyn y Bustach
 Diesel Power91514/Aug/11Cromlech boulders
 Lizard King Middle12404/Jul/11Craig Y Llwyfan
 Lizard King High--04/Jul/11Craig Y Llwyfan
 Bellpig11320/Mar/11Split Infinity Cave
 Separate Reality41620/Feb/11Above the cookie -...
 Be Ruthless22503/Feb/11Pantymwyn (Devil's...
 Compulsion Crack41401/May/10Caley Crags
 Ding Dong's Traverse (Main Block P1)9223/Apr/10The Sheep Pen
 Ding Dong's Traverse into Kingdom Of Rain7223/Apr/10The Sheep Pen
 Toe Dragon (Main Block P2)152523/Apr/10The Sheep Pen
 Mono Slab34316/Apr/10Stanage Plantation
 Captain Hook1623117/Mar/10Stanage Plantation
 Thug Mental4407/Mar/10Pantymwyn (Devil's...
 Thug Mentality20407/Mar/10Pantymwyn (Devil's...
 The Terrace922912/Feb/10Burbage North
 Pit of Hell10412/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
 Cave Life11312/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
 Super Set7612/Feb/10Ilkley (Cow and...
 Arachnophobia4212/Feb/10Cromlech boulders
 Trigger Cut20512/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
 XXXX1512/Feb/10The Bowderstone
 Inaudible Vaudeville64812/Feb/10The Bowderstone
 Impropa Opera55812/Feb/10The Bowderstone
 Lateral Gruntings - The Ramp Link18-23/Aug/09The Bowderstone
 Lateral Gruntings40223/Aug/09The Bowderstone
 Power Pinch98223/Aug/09The Bowderstone
 New Jerusalem1802707/Apr/09Caley Crags
 Brad Pit9710608/Oct/08Stanage Plantation
 Skinned Up10207/May/08Holyhead Mountain
 Geordie War Cry522404/May/08Bus Stop Quarry
 Slim38223/Apr/08Split Infinity Cave
 Barry King Size SD25-17/Apr/08Crookrise
 Barry King Size71717/Apr/08Crookrise
 The Drey5-17/Apr/08Caley Crags
 Massive Attack2-17/Mar/08Crookrise
 Foil2435509/Feb/08Dinas Cromlech
 Short Circuit76512/Dec/07Ilkley (Cow and...
 My Hovercraft is full of Eels67612/Dec/07Bus Stop Quarry
 Scheherezade75712/Dec/07Never Never Land
 The Carbon Stage26412/Dec/07Never Never Land
 Deliverance28813203/Dec/07Stanage Plantation
 Superior Air3-20/Nov/07Cromlech boulders
 Commander Energy55212502/Nov/07Roaches Lower Tier
 Colossus1926003/Sep/07Rainbow Slab Area
 German Schoolgirl39212602/Sep/07Rainbow Walls

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