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  Climb name Added Crag name
 The Wonders of Wallkraft59918/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 Haunted by a Million Screams81918/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 Prophets of Rage68718/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 Rambling Moses Weetabix and the Secona Park Seven280718/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 Mr. Choo Choo1051418/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 A Brutal Equation38618/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 Sugar Ray48818/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
 Damnation Game44618/Apr/15Winspit
 Stone Mason6091018/Apr/15Winspit
 Queen Anne's Men218818/Apr/15Winspit
 Red Rain1861118/Apr/15Winspit
 Tremelo86908/Sep/10Malham Cove
 Free and Even Easier3541328/Aug/10Malham Cove
 Sycophants235706/May/10Malham Cove
 Phantom Zone31718/Oct/09Chapel Head Scar
 Forever Young61323/Sep/09Robin Proctor's Scar
 Petulant Frenzy3227/Jul/09Trow Gill
 Pimp with a Limp44927/Jul/09Trow Gill
 Trowgerbirge Wall18627/Jul/09Trow Gill
 Silent Laughter51911/Jul/09Giggleswick South
 Obsession1383111/Jul/09Malham Cove
 Bongo Fury92611/Jul/09Malham Cove
 New Dawn1133911/Jul/09Malham Cove
 Yosemite Wall2396511/Jul/09Malham Cove
 Pursuit of Excellence9424/Jun/09Trow Gill
 Bend of the Rainbow22224/Jun/09Craig y Longridge
 Indecent Exposure651624/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Mid-air Collision / Flight Path29424/Jun/09Chapel Head Scar
 Biological Need721324/Jun/09Kilnsey
 Frankie Comes to Kilnsey972024/Jun/09Kilnsey
 Wasted Youth1461024/Jun/09Malham Cove
 Puddle Jumper354824/Jun/09Malham Cove
 Kleptomania10624/Jun/09Giggleswick North
 Illywacker31724/Jun/09Giggleswick North
 Senser Part 114228/May/09Pwll Du Quarry,...
 No Rest For The Wicked (Easy Way)1228/May/09Watch House East
 Pump Action9228/May/09Watch House East
 Jump To Conclusion18-28/May/09Watch House East
 Goose In Lucy106528/May/09Foxhole Cove
 Chicken Licken43228/May/09Foxhole Cove
 Turkey Lurking18228/May/09Foxhole Cove
 Harlem19728/May/09Dinas Rock
 Still Life11728/May/09Dinas Rock
 The Sharp Cereal Professor371228/May/09Dinas Rock
 Red With Rage8328/May/09Oxwich Quarry
 Bitchin7328/May/09Oxwich Quarry
 Kissin' the Pink60428/May/09Oxwich Quarry

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