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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Lucky Strike3019001/Mar/15Rusty Walls
 Wishful Thinking711701/Mar/15The Castle
 Charenton Crack291001/Mar/15Mowing Word
 Sealhunt1321601/Mar/15Mowing Word
 Chimes of Freedom1274101/Mar/15Mowing Word
 First Blood2983001/Mar/15St. Govan's East
 Mythical Monster1061901/Mar/15Huntsman's Leap
 The Beast from the Undergrowth3274601/Mar/15Huntsman's Leap
 The Butcher4664101/Mar/15St. Govan's Head
 Deranged3431601/Mar/15St. Govan's Head
 The Arrow8289601/Mar/15St. Govan's Head
 Cool for Cats5654501/Mar/15Stennis Head
 Riders on the storm4318901/Mar/15Stennis Head
 La estación de la bruia19308/Jan/14Sella
 Black is Black17408/Jan/14Sella
 The Magic Flute251001/Jan/14Bernia
 Parle502101/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
 Vía Missing Link20401/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
 El Dorado56401/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
 Monkey Wall70301/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
 Fiddler on the Roof--22/Jun/13Fairview Dome
 Lucky Streaks31422/Jun/13Fairview Dome
 Regular route801522/Jun/13Fairview Dome
 OZ26222/Jun/13Drug Dome
 Cathedral Peak Southeast Buttress A B and C95822/Jun/13Cathedral Peak
 Ciebola3-22/Jun/13Medlicott Dome -...
 New Dimensions14222/Jun/13Arch Rock
 Butterballs8222/Jun/13Cookie Cliff
 Red Zinger3-22/Jun/13Cookie Cliff
 Crack A-Go-Go14-22/Jun/13Cookie Cliff
 The Rostrum (aka Regular North Face Route)211222/Jun/13The Rostrum
 Knob Job19-22/Jun/13Pat and Jack...
 Lunatic Fringe18222/Jun/13Reed's Pinnacle Area
 Braille Book28322/Jun/13Higher Cathedral...
 Central Pillar of Frenzy96922/Jun/13Middle Cathedral...
 East Buttress67222/Jun/13Middle Cathedral...
 Sacherer Cracker27-22/Jun/13El Capitan - Base...
 Free Blast22722/Jun/13El Capitan -...
 East Buttress621722/Jun/13El Capitan -...
 Nutcracker150522/Jun/13Manure Pile Buttress
 The Moratorium12-22/Jun/13Schultz's Ridge
 Serenity Crack87922/Jun/13Royal Arches Area
 Snake Dike1425422/Jun/13Half Dome Southwest...
 Regular Northwest Face717422/Jun/13Half Dome Northwest...
 Astroman133522/Jun/13Washington Column
 The Nose9318429/Jun/10El Capitan -...

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