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Wishlist for chrisjacks

20 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Salathe Wall243620/Apr/11El Capitan -...
 The Nose9217820/Apr/11El Capitan -...
 New West Climb1308216/Apr/11Pillar Rock
 North Climb472416/Apr/11Pillar Rock
 Brown Crag Traverse12217/Feb/11Shepherds Crag
 The Inside Route30714/Feb/11Dove Nest Crag,...
 Tophet Bastion21310/Feb/11The Napes
 The Needle213727/Jan/11Black Crag (Wrynose)
 The First Touch244827/Jan/11Black Crag (Wrynose)
 Gillercombe Buttress6025327/Jan/11Gillercombe
 The Wasdale Crack49511127/Jan/11The Napes
 Needle Ridge6359127/Jan/11The Napes
 Tophet Wall46417827/Jan/11The Napes
 Tower Ridge91036727/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 The Long Climb7418627/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Coral Sea9311127/Jan/11Trowbarrow
 Barrier Reef395227/Jan/11Trowbarrow