48 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Tears of the Angels6-15/May/14Biblins Cave
 The Boatman9312/Mar/13Dinas Rock
 Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop6723/Nov/12Ramshaw Rocks
 Solo para tos zapatos4326/Apr/12Troedyrhiw
 Snow Jest-426/Apr/12Troedyrhiw
 Pool of Bethesta-1016/Apr/12Cromlech boulders
 Karma-1114/Apr/12Franchard Cuisiniere
 Midnight Lightning21310/Apr/12Camp 4 Boulders
 Masters of the Punyverse2-24/Feb/12Huntsham Crags
 Coming Up For Air1515/Jan/12Stanage Plantation
 Hayabusa6331/Aug/11Dinas Rock
 The Carpenters Apprentice4217/Aug/11Dinas Rock
 Mortal Kombat2524/Jun/11Dinas Rock
 Throbbin's Traverse3203/Apr/11Dinas Rock
 Lord of the Flies5610103/Apr/11Dinas Cromlech
 Fat Cats Roof + Taylor Made10323/Mar/11Dinas Rock
 Mr Magic9-28/Dec/10Dinas Rock
 Crystal Methods--12/Nov/10Binnian North Tor
 Thrill Issues of the Jellyman4412/Nov/10Binnian North Tor
 Mushroom Boyz1412/Nov/10Binnian North Tor
 Surplomb De Ray2431/Jul/10Foxhole Cove
 Yukan II431528/Jun/10Nesscliffe
 The Life of Fyfe36725/Jun/10Dinas Rock
 The Riot10325/Jun/10Dinas Rock
 Unfamiliar11223/May/10Stanage Plantation
 White Wand752022/Jan/10Stanage Plantation
 Ulysses' Bow412816/Jan/10Stanage Plantation
 Meshuga51012/Jan/10Black Rocks
 Rock Around the Block2329/Dec/09Higgar Tor
 The Quarryman12210/Dec/09Twll Mawr
 The Wonderful World of Walt Disney5410/Dec/09Twll Mawr
 The Bells! The Bells!4410/Dec/09Gogarth North Stack...
 Never, Never Land151209/Dec/09Ramshaw Rocks
 The Driven Bow7609/Dec/09Hen Cloud
 Barriers in Time132426/Nov/09Roaches Lower Tier
 Mad At The Sun8603/Nov/09The Gap
 Brad Pit9410928/Oct/09Stanage Plantation
 Living in Oxford2507/Oct/09Burbage North
 The Promise21207/Oct/09Burbage North
 Braille Trail72507/Oct/09Burbage South Edge
 Skin Ed15517/Jun/09Dinas Rock
 The Strangler1076615/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
 The Regulators9207/Jun/09Dinas Rock
 Kaluza Klein223211/May/09Robin Hood's Stride
 Nosferatu1228005/Feb/09Burbage South Edge
 Balance It Is113423/Jan/09Burbage South Edge
 Poetry Pink1236110/Jan/09Rainbow Slab Area
 Wings of Unreason33716602/Jan/09Roaches Skyline