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Wishlist for Oliver Branagan

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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Banana Ship5-25/Nov/14Hidden World
 cross eyed9-25/Nov/14Melting Wall
 Just Call Me Helmet5-25/Nov/14Tyrolean Wall
 Ngu Baen Vohk6-25/Nov/14Cobra Wall
 Tyrolean Air6-25/Nov/14Tyrolean Wall
 Orange Juice8-25/Nov/14Thaiwand Wall
 No Have12-25/Nov/14Tyrolean Wall
 K17-25/Nov/14Tyrolean Wall
 Getting To Know You6-25/Nov/14Thaiwand Wall
 Lord of the Thais (Multipitch)18625/Nov/14Thaiwand Wall
 Live and Let Thai18-25/Nov/14Thaiwand Wall
 Out of the Sticks9-25/Nov/14Thaiwand Wall
 Headhunters1-25/Nov/14Crazy Horse Buttress
 Intensify1-25/Nov/14Crazy Horse Buttress
 Consenting Adults6563225/Nov/14Malham Cove
 Puddle Jumper351825/Nov/14Malham Cove
 Seventh Aardvark2461325/Nov/14Malham Cove
 Ton Sai Playboy15325/Nov/14Ton Sai Roof
 Tidal Wave24325/Nov/14Ton Sai Roof
 Tiger Queen19-25/Nov/14Dum's Kitchen
 The Lion King66325/Nov/14Dum's Kitchen
 Sàtiva Patàtica13925/Nov/14Margalef
 Lourdes222325/Nov/14El Makinodromo
 Fuck Your Gods26406/Sep/14Masson Lees Quarry
 Red And Ribbed For Your Pleasure146-06/Sep/14Masson Lees Quarry
 Hilti Sound System90505/Sep/14Masson Lees Quarry
 High Society31405/Sep/14Chee Dale Upper
 The Prow18304/May/14Wainstones
 The Premier Club17414/Mar/14Masson Lees Quarry
 Quatrieme Quartier63214/Mar/14Masson Lees Quarry
 Monkey Wall66324/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
 Cobra (1st pitch)4-24/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
 Above 3012-10/Jun/13Colehill Quarry...
 Syrett's Roof167922/Feb/13Almscliff
 Sycophants230615/Jul/12Malham Cove
 Barguest Direct105225/May/12Trollers Gill
 Stipule (with jug on arete)5216/Mar/12Slipstones
 Equatorial (First Pitch)21-16/Mar/12Thaiwand Wall
 Lars & Lars29-16/Mar/12Tyrolean Wall
 Narsilion4-16/Mar/12Low Tide Wall
 Strider2-16/Mar/12Low Tide Wall
 Affenhitze3-16/Mar/12Melting Wall
 Cafe Andaman31316/Mar/12Ton Sai Roof
 Blind, Deaf, and Dumb7-16/Mar/12Tyrolean Wall
 Armistice Day158825/Sep/11Chee Dale Lower
 Whose Line is it Anyway?1591122/Sep/11Chee Dale Lower
 Martial Music2071022/Sep/11Chee Dale Lower
 Countdown1531822/Sep/11Chee Dale Upper
 Kiss Me Hardy59922/Sep/11Chee Dale Upper

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