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Wishlist for martinazando

38 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Flakes of Wrath17213/May/14Wall Street - Wall...
 Fistful of Potash9-13/May/14Wall Street - Wall...
 Another Roadside Distraction6-13/May/14Wall Street - Wall...
 El Cracko Diablo1-13/May/14Wall Street - Wall...
 Epinephrine10518/Oct/13Black Velvet Canyon
 Solar Slab14218/Oct/13Oak Creek Canyon
 Cat in the Hat29218/Oct/13 Pine Creek Canyon
 Levitation 297218/Oct/13Oak Creek Canyon
 Gogarth5557929/Jun/11Gogarth North Stack...
 Scavenger Direct20329/Jun/11Gogarth North Stack...
 Muab Dib2-06/Jun/11Le Randouillet
 Écho Logique5-06/Jun/11Gorges du Verdon
 Ula351906/Jun/11Gorges du Verdon
 Sunny Corner721015/May/11Bosherston Head
 Cool for Cats5314315/May/11Stennis Head
 Tigers Don't Cry4513928/Feb/11Shorn Cliff
 Left Twin2564709/Jan/11Aonach Mor
 White Shark1002909/Jan/11Aonach Mor
 Castle Ridge2425209/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Italian Climb301009/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Tower Ridge81523009/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Smith's Route1739709/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Indicator Wall944009/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Orion Face Direct19116209/Jan/11Ben Nevis
 Twisting Gully3327109/Jan/11Stob Coire nan...
 SC Gully2537309/Jan/11Stob Coire nan...
 North Buttress (West Route)2363809/Jan/11Buachaille Etive Mor
 Curved Ridge6526509/Jan/11Buachaille Etive Mor
 Cassin8610728/Aug/10Piz Badile
 South Face151728/Aug/10Tofana di Rozes
 Eliminate 'A'55616328/Aug/10Dow Crag
 Nimrod1203228/Aug/10Dow Crag
 Great Central Route41628/Aug/10Dow Crag
 Murray's Direct2863528/Aug/10Dow Crag
 Schweiz plaisir2-28/Aug/10Eldorado