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Wishlist for Becki Moore

11 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Maud's Garden17845726/Jul/08Roaches Upper Tier
 Perverted Staircase46826/Jul/08Roaches Upper Tier
 Chicken Run550826/Jul/08Roaches Upper Tier
 Rooster441926/Jul/08Roaches Upper Tier
 The Roaches Ridge49526/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier
 Fledglings Climb600926/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier
 The Bulger256626/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier
 Pincer4201526/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier
 Raven Rock Gully4191626/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier
 Raven Rock Gully Left-hand176526/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier
 Yong Arete127526/Jul/08Roaches Lower Tier