25 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 The Toix Ridge39430/Sep/13Sierra de Toix
 Luna Bong32814/Mar/12Gorges du Verdon
 Nervous Shakedown6205/Mar/12Woodhouse Scar
 Woolly Jumper231301/Mar/12Bowfell Buttress
 Don Quixote193702/Sep/11Marmolada
 Scavenger2286513/May/11Gogarth North Stack...
 The Centaur583520/Apr/11Scafell East...
 Anack Sunamun55706/Apr/11Frontales Medias
 Picnic Sarcastic2091517/Dec/10The Bowderstone
 Espolón Central3174905/Oct/10Puig Campana
 North Ridge1148726/Aug/10Piz Badile
 Spanner Wall681003/Aug/10Running Hill Pits
 Ocean Wall93706/Jul/10Standing Stones
 Hueco Crack43502/Jul/10St. Bees Head
 Hueco Crack (ss)571002/Jul/10St. Bees Head
 Fat Slapper89-01/Jul/10Wimberry Rocks
 Pinball Wizard781301/Jul/10Wimberry Rocks
 Yellow Desert Scream50928/Jun/10St. Bees Head
 La Demande1237330/Dec/09Gorges du Verdon
 Impropa Opera56826/Nov/09The Bowderstone
 Necronomicon11426/Nov/09Pule Hill Rocks
 'C' Ordinary Route4295407/Sep/09Dow Crag
 Zeppelin732425/Aug/09El Chorro - Lower...
 East Face Route (Original Route)32836611/Aug/09(Old Man of) Hoy
 Nowt but a Fleein' Thing1331/Jul/09Wasdale Screes