82 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Pump Up the Power Startf7C+ *27/Apr/15Raven Tor (Miller's...
 River Of LifeV10 7a ***09/Apr/15Turningstone Edge
 Flick of the Wristf7C+ ***17/Mar/15Tanygrisiau Boulders
 The Jokerf8A ***27/Feb/15Stanage Plantation
 Diesel PowerV11 **22/Feb/15Cromlech boulders
 300 Pounds of Musclin Manf7C+ 15/Feb/15Cratcliffe Tor
 Great WhiteV9 6c ***31/Jan/15Curbar Edge
 Hunter's Rooff7C ***31/Dec/14Hunter's Stones
 Underhandf7B+ **31/Dec/14Almscliff
 Jess's RoofV9 6c ***31/Dec/14Almscliff
 Pink Lady (Stand)f7C+ 31/Dec/14Rowtor Rocks
 MyxiE6 6c **23/Dec/14Hen Cloud
 The Golden Eggf7C+ ***18/Sep/14Clifftop Boulders
 Lou FerrinoV10 ***21/Aug/14Parisella's Cave
 The Wizard8a ***20/Aug/14Kato Zawn
 Badgers in the Mistf7C 10/Aug/14Rhiw Goch Boulders
 Triassic 5.0f7B ***10/Aug/14Neath Abbey Quarry
 Fall of the titansf7B+ **10/Aug/14Bacon Hole
 Butch Cassidyf8A ***04/Aug/14Dinas Rock
 Arch Enemies7c+ ***02/Jul/14Dovedale
 Stone the Loach7c **02/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
 Brachiation Dance7b+ ***30/Jun/14Water-cum-Jolly
 Cosmic WheelsV9 6c ***29/Jun/14Mallory Boulder
 Just Say No8a **27/Jun/14Cheddar Gorge North
 Infinite Suspensef7C+ **16/Jun/14Tideswell Dale
 RegE7 7a ***20/May/14Ramshaw Rocks
 Homegrown8a+ 16/May/14Cheddar Gorge North
 Paint it Blackf7C **13/May/14Blackwell Dale
 Imothepf8A ***13/May/14Bas Cuvier
 Opiumf8A ***13/May/14Fontainebleau...
 Panopticonf7C+ ***07/May/14Howshaw Tor
 Neil's Wallf7B+ *05/May/14Blackwell Dale
 Alacrity Sit startf7C **27/Apr/14Cucklett Delph
 Sean's ProblemV9 7c ***27/Apr/14Crag X
 Clash of the Titansf7A+ *14/Apr/14St. Bees Head
 Bow Wow Prowf7B **14/Apr/14St. Bees Head
 Hueco Crack (ss)f7A ***31/Mar/14St. Bees Head
 Yellow Desert Screamf7A+ ***31/Mar/14St. Bees Head
 Dark Side of the Moonf7C *31/Mar/14St. Bees Head
 Harvey OswaldV6 **31/Mar/14Milestone Buttress...
 Lizard King MiddleV9 **31/Mar/14Craig Y Llwyfan
 THEM!V9 7a 23/Mar/14Yarncliffe Quarry
 Art NouveauE6 6c ***21/Feb/14Roaches Skyline
 Jason's Rooff7C+ ***17/Feb/14Crookrise
 Heaven In Your Handsf7C+ ***17/Feb/14Brandrith
 Black Car BurningE7 6c **27/Nov/13Stanage Popular
 Business as UsualV5 6b **24/Nov/13Gardoms Edge
 Charlotte RamplingE6 6b **24/Nov/13Gardoms Edge
 Nigel's RoofV9 7a ***24/Nov/13Gardoms Edge
 StrapadictomyE5 6b ***29/Aug/13Froggatt Edge
 The Drilling Fields7c+ **12/Aug/13Ban-y-gor
 Just Revenge7c+ ***12/Aug/13Anstey's Cove
 The Cider Soak8a ***12/Aug/13Anstey's Cove
 Lion Sleeps Tonight8a *04/Aug/13Cheddar Gorge North
 Circus, Circus7c ***02/Aug/13Cheddar Gorge North
 Roof Of A Baby BuddhaV10 ***21/Apr/13Maes Newyddion Woods
 The PromiseE8 7a ***02/Apr/13Burbage North
 Piece of MindE6 6b ***01/Apr/13Roaches Lower Tier
 DeathwatchE7 6b *01/Apr/13Ilkley (Cow and...
 Bigger Splash Direct - Kneeling Startf7C **25/Mar/13Water-cum-Jolly
 The Press - Kneeling Startf7C+ *25/Mar/13Water-cum-Jolly
 Hannibalf7C **25/Mar/13Tom's Cave
 Blind Date Startf7B+ 25/Mar/13Burbage North
 Black Crowf7C+ **25/Mar/13Anston Stones Wood
 Ben's Rooff7C+ **25/Mar/13Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Low Riderf7C+ 25/Mar/13Stanage North
 Western Eyesf7C+ ***25/Mar/13Burbage West
 Blind Figf7C 25/Mar/13Burbage North
 HurricaneV9 7a *25/Mar/13Curbar Edge
 ZorevV9 7a *25/Mar/13Burbage South...
 Brad's Wallf7C *12/Jan/13Stanton Moor
 The Stormf7B+ 09/Jan/13Stanage Plantation
 The Grand PotatoE7 6c **23/Nov/12Baslow Edge
 Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic BarrierE4 6b **14/Nov/12Burbage South Edge
 Downhill RacerE4 6a ***12/Nov/12Froggatt Edge
 UnfamiliarE8 6c ***09/Nov/12Stanage Plantation
 ThumbelinaE7 6c ***05/Sep/12Ina's Rock
 Mein Vein (P14)V10 ***18/Jul/12Caseg Boulder
 Misericordef7C+ ***02/Nov/11Franchard Cuisiniere
 Pancras assisf7C ***02/Nov/11Mont Pivot
 ShadowlandsE5 5c ***16/Apr/10Huntsham Crags
 Limbo DancerE4 5c **02/Jan/10Hound Tor