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Wishlist for mellardc

31 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Dovedale Groove27928/May/10Dove Crag (Dovedale)
 Failed Romantic142628/May/10Castle Rock of...
 Harlot Face176428/May/10Castle Rock of...
 Eliminate girdle12328/May/10Castle Rock of...
 North Crag Eliminate2952028/May/10Castle Rock of...
 Thirlmere Eliminate1371828/May/10Castle Rock of...
 The Magic Rainbow--28/May/10Pillar Rock
 Over the Hill--28/May/10Pillar Rock
 Sheol3-28/May/10Pillar Rock
 Goth6228/May/10Pillar Rock
 Goodbye to All That5828/May/10Pillar Rock
 Morpheus--28/May/10Scafell Crag
 Ixodes-228/May/10Scafell Crag
 Central Buttress2289828/May/10Scafell Crag
 Swan Song-228/May/10Scafell Crag
 Astra1684228/May/10Pavey Ark
 Capella2523728/May/10Pavey Ark
 Arcturus2473628/May/10Pavey Ark
 Whit's End Direct3055128/May/10Gimmer Crag
 Crystal37528/May/10Gimmer Crag
 Intern1851928/May/10Gimmer Crag
 Gimmer String1614028/May/10Gimmer Crag
 Gimmer High Girdle--28/May/10Gimmer Crag
 Outside Tokyo/Dight551228/May/10Gimmer Crag
 Tarkus60428/May/10Dow Crag
 Catacomb682528/May/10Dow Crag
 Nimrod1203228/May/10Dow Crag
 Central Pillar of Freney114803/May/10Mont Blanc
 Walker Spur1612803/May/10Grandes Jorasses
 Supercouloir (Original Route)72203/May/10Mont Blanc du Tacul
 The North Face (Petit Dru)287310/Apr/10Les Dru