29 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Yuri Gargarin7-20/Jan/12Bovey Woods
 Dog Dick Arete14-20/Jan/12Bovey Woods
 Terror Twilight5-20/Jan/12Bovey Woods
 Breadcrumb Trail14220/Jan/12Bovey Woods
 Slotted Wall21720/Jan/12Bovey Woods
 Empire of the Sun2628901/Dec/11Anstey's Cove
 Cocytus, More Steam Connection43601/Dec/11Anstey's Cove
 Arapiles, Oh Arapiles (DWS)691306/Nov/11Long Quarry Point
 The Cider Soak707006/Nov/11Anstey's Cove
 White Life17626/May/11Chudleigh Rocks
 Toltec Twostep18726/May/11Hound Tor
 Limbo Dancer451126/May/11Hound Tor
 Aerobic Wall3262226/May/11Hound Tor
 Black Death601016/Apr/11Chudleigh Rocks
 London Wall8621727/Jan/11Millstone Edge
 Buoys will be Buoys3844918/Jan/11Battleship Back...
 Lord of the Flies5810330/Sep/10Dinas Cromlech
 Right Wall19818630/Sep/10Dinas Cromlech
 Left Wall81142030/Sep/10Dinas Cromlech
 Once a Dogger8610/Aug/10Long Quarry Point
 White Rhino Tea1093410/Aug/10Berry Head...
 Shangri-La5778410/Aug/10Baggy Point
 Dreadnought693410/Aug/10Berry Head (The Old...
 Caveman121310/Aug/10Berry Head (The Old...
 Moonraker26817010/Aug/10Berry Head (The Old...
 Gates of Eden2953110/Aug/10Daddyhole Main Cliff
 Downhill Racer1948110/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
 Aviation4427030/Jun/09Haytor (aka Hay...
 Bosigran Ridge a.k.a Commando Ridge129720903/Mar/09Bosigran Ridge Area