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Wishlist for stevevoidstar

36 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 The Devil's Slide64418911/Oct/11Lundy
 Mitchell's Wall14-21/Apr/11Hetchell
 The Corbel26221/Apr/11Hetchell
 Tarquin's Terrace16221/Apr/11Hetchell
 Roman Crack67321/Apr/11Hetchell
 Cassius Crawl52221/Apr/11Hetchell
 Cassius Direct71-21/Apr/11Hetchell
 Northern Sole20-31/Mar/11Giggleswick North
 A Block off the Old Chip33-31/Mar/11Giggleswick North
 Root Sixty Six26-31/Mar/11Giggleswick North
 The Fakir Awakes25-31/Mar/11Giggleswick North
 The Last Hurrah1228/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Fat Boy Slim1-28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Fighting Torque--28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Smooth Torquer--28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Phallic vein--28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 John Major--28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Sir Bernard Haitink3228/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Sir Adrian Boult1-28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Ralph Vaughan Williams1-28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 The lactic Acid bath test--28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 The Imaginary Hold II--28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 .....And Then She Broke me3-28/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 watkins ale10728/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Behold, The Sea-228/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Springtime1228/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 The Punto Boys-228/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 The Girlie Button1228/Jan/11Filey Brigg
 Lover's Leap Chimney3481020/Aug/09Brimham Rocks
 Nameless Chimney84220/Aug/09Brimham Rocks
 President's Progress242720/Aug/09Brimham Rocks
 Rigsby1220/Aug/09Brimham Rocks
 Double Back11-20/Aug/09Brimham Rocks
 Druid's Chimney42220/Aug/09Brimham Rocks