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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Bubble3-22/May/15Burbage North
 High Street641122/May/15Lawrencefield
 High Plains Drifter72622/May/15Lawrencefield
 Hairless Heart921522/May/15Froggatt Edge
 Toy Boy-322/May/15Froggatt Edge
 Artless82922/May/15Froggatt Edge
 Simbas Pride81814/May/15Burbage South Edge
 Snug as a Thug on a Jug6722/Apr/15Stanage Popular
 Elbow Alley1-21/Apr/15Shooter's Nab
 War of the Roses1221/Apr/15Pule Hill Rocks
 Liquor, Loose Women and Double Cross2-21/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Plumb Line1861821/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Calamity Crack171521/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Scoop de Grace1321/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Yarn Spinner4221/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Seldom Seen Kid-321/Apr/15Black Tor
 Short Sean's Reachy Roof125719/Feb/15Rowtor Rocks
 The Staffordshire Flyer1972519/Feb/15Roaches Skyline
 Charlie's Overhang692319/Feb/15Newstones
 Brads Arete.. the presence of absence51518/Feb/15Stanton Moor
 Boyager592221/Oct/14Burbage North
 The Alliance591721/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 Desparete221221/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 The Attitude Inspector1261621/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 Electrical Storm523221/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 Thumbelina191509/Sep/14Ina's Rock
 Calvary1857604/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
 The Asp2097904/Sep/14Stanage Popular
 Slap 'n' Spittle701504/Sep/14Stanage North
 Hobson's Choice9310/Aug/14Hobson Moor Quarry
 Cave Arete Indirect23604/Aug/14Laddow Rocks
 Long Climb1582004/Aug/14Laddow Rocks
 Downfall Climb481104/Aug/14Kinder Scout...
 The Girdle Traverse of Hobson Moor--04/Aug/14Hobson Moor Quarry
 Great Expectations28604/Aug/14Hobson Moor Quarry
 The Muzzle1204/Aug/14Shelf Benches
 Black Wall Eliminate3843219/May/14Almscliff
 Lay-By Arete241019/May/14Slipstones
 The Big Greeny1372719/May/14Almscliff
 Grand Illusion511519/May/14Almscliff
 Wellington Crack696019/May/14Ilkley (Cow and...
 High Noon432919/May/14Caley Crags
 Elder Statesman-218/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Elder Crack30011318/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Right Eliminate775018/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 I Bet He Drinks Carling Black Label3-18/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Finger Distance1571018/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Profit of Doom424618/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Recurring Nightmare10515/Nov/13Burbage South Edge
 Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic Barrier111115/Nov/13Burbage South Edge

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