139 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 The Great TribulationE6 6c ***12/Jul/15Hipley Hill
 Body Machine7c ***27/Jun/15Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Rough JusticeE4 6c *24/Jun/15Higgar Tor
 White LinesE6 6c ***19/Jun/15Curbar Edge
 FlexE6 6c ***12/Jun/15Rivelin Quarries
 Weather ReportE6 6c *10/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
 The Cool CurlE6 6b **10/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
 The End of the AffairE8 6c ***05/Jun/15Curbar Edge
 Just in TimeE5 6c *31/May/15Hen Cloud
 BlockbusterE5 6c *31/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
 Bad News for Slab ClimbersE5 6a ***31/May/15Bauston Tor
 The Notorious BLGE7 6c 28/May/15Burbage South Edge
 Kaluza KleinE6 6b **27/May/15Robin Hood's...
 New MediterraneanE5 6c **27/May/15Rivelin Edge
 MoolahE5 6b **27/May/15Rivelin Edge
 Gazebo WatusiE6 6b *26/May/15Burbage North
 The Trumpton AnarchistE6 6b 26/May/15Millstone Edge
 Three Blind MiceE7 6c **26/May/15Burbage North
 Small ThingsE6 6c *26/May/15Black Rocks
 JasmineE6 6b **26/May/15Bamford Edge
 The Shock of the NewE7 6c **26/May/15Kinder Northern...
 10,000 Maniacs/Elm StreetE8 6c **26/May/15Millstone Edge
 BubbleV6 **22/May/15Burbage North
 High StreetE4 6a **22/May/15Lawrencefield
 High Plains DrifterE4 6a **22/May/15Lawrencefield
 Hairless HeartE5 5c ***22/May/15Froggatt Edge
 Toy BoyE7 7a *22/May/15Froggatt Edge
 Simbas PrideE8 6b 14/May/15Burbage South Edge
 Snug as a Thug on a JugE4 6b ***22/Apr/15Stanage Popular
 Elbow AlleyHVS 5a *21/Apr/15Shooter's Nab
 War of the RosesE4 6b *21/Apr/15Pule Hill Rocks
 Liquor, Loose Women and Double CrossE5 6b 21/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Plumb LineVS 4c ***21/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Calamity CrackE4 6a ***21/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Scoop de GraceE5 7a ***21/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Yarn SpinnerE4 6c **21/Apr/15Running Hill Pits
 Seldom Seen KidV10 6c ***21/Apr/15Black Tor
 Short Sean's Reachy Rooff7A *19/Feb/15Rowtor Rocks
 The Staffordshire Flyerf6B ***19/Feb/15Roaches Skyline
 Charlie's OverhangE2 5c **19/Feb/15Newstones
 Brads Arete.. the presence of absencef7A **18/Feb/15Stanton Moor
 Boyagerf7A+ ***21/Oct/14Burbage North
 The AllianceV6 6b **21/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 DespareteV8 6c *21/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 The Attitude InspectorV6 6b *21/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 Electrical StormV8 *21/Oct/14Burbage South Edge
 ThumbelinaE7 6c ***09/Sep/14Ina's Rock
 CalvaryE4 6a ***04/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
 The AspE3 6a ***04/Sep/14Stanage Popular
 Slap 'n' SpittleE3 6a *04/Sep/14Stanage North
 Hobson's ChoiceE5 6b **10/Aug/14Hobson Moor Quarry
 Cave Arete IndirectE1 5a **04/Aug/14Laddow Rocks
 Long ClimbS 4a ***04/Aug/14Laddow Rocks
 Downfall ClimbM **04/Aug/14Kinder Scout...
 The Girdle Traverse of Hobson MoorE4 6a *04/Aug/14Hobson Moor Quarry
 Great ExpectationsE3 5c **04/Aug/14Hobson Moor Quarry
 The MuzzleHVS 5a **04/Aug/14Shelf Benches
 Black Wall EliminateE2 5c ***19/May/14Almscliff
 Lay-By AreteV8 ***19/May/14Slipstones
 The Big GreenyE3 6a ***19/May/14Almscliff
 Grand IllusionE4 5c **19/May/14Almscliff
 Wellington CrackE4 5c ***19/May/14Ilkley (Cow and...
 High NoonE4 6a ***19/May/14Caley Crags
 Elder StatesmanXS 7b *18/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Elder CrackE2 5b ***18/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Right EliminateE3 5c ***18/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 I Bet He Drinks Carling Black LabelE6 6c *18/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Profit of DoomE4 6b ***18/Nov/13Curbar Edge
 Recurring NightmareE5 6b 15/Nov/13Burbage South Edge
 Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic BarrierE4 6b **15/Nov/13Burbage South Edge
 JetrunnerE4 6a **14/Nov/13Bamford Edge
 The StranglerE4 5c ***14/Nov/13Stanage Plantation
 FlatworldV9 6c ***03/Nov/13Baslow Edge
 Old King Cascadef7B+ **03/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
 Gritstone MegamixV5 6b *03/Nov/13Birchen Edge
 G-ThangV4 6a ***03/Nov/13Gardoms Edge
 SuavitoV8 6c ***03/Nov/13Gardoms Edge
 Figure of 8f7B+ *03/Nov/13Stoney Middleton
 Hannibalf7C **03/Nov/13Tom's Cave
 Pinch 2f7C+ ***03/Nov/13Stoney Middleton
 Zippy's Problemf7B+ **03/Nov/13Stoney Middleton
 TrellisV7 6c *25/Jun/13Burbage South...
 Grizzly Aretef7A+ *24/Jun/13Robin Hood's...
 CorneliusV9 ***24/Jun/13Ina's Rock
 Chip Shop Brawlf7A+ **24/Jun/13Stanage North
 Kudos traversef7B **22/Jun/13Water-cum-Jolly
 Kudosf7B *22/Jun/13Water-cum-Jolly
 Big Al Qaedaf7B ***20/Jun/13Robin Hood's...
 Fish Aretef6C+ ***19/Jun/13Wimberry Rocks
 Winsomef7A ***19/Jun/13Wimberry Rocks
 The Looking GlassV7 6b ***19/Jun/13Black Tor
 T Crackf7B ***18/Jun/13Cratcliffe Tor
 The Art of White Hat WearingV8 ***18/Jun/13Curbar Edge
 West Side Storyf7B+ ***18/Jun/13Burbage West
 Beneath the Breadlinef7B *18/Jun/13Stanage Plantation
 Gib's Ribf7A **15/Jun/13Burbage South Edge
 Hamper's Hangf7A ***15/Jun/13Stanage Popular
 The Good the Bad and the BeagleV6 6b *15/Jun/13Baslow Edge
 Track of the CatE5 6a ***30/Dec/12Roaches Skyline
 Art NouveauE6 6c ***30/Dec/12Roaches Skyline
 Saul's CrackHVS 5a ***30/Dec/12Roaches Upper Tier
 WombatE2 5b ***30/Dec/12Roaches Upper Tier
 Thin AirE5 6a ***30/Dec/12Roaches Lower Tier
 Barriers in TimeE6 6b ***30/Dec/12Roaches Lower Tier
 Obsession FataleE7 6b ***30/Dec/12Roaches Lower Tier
 Gritstone GorillaE3 5c ***25/Nov/12St Tudnos
 Cenotaph CornerE1 5c ***16/Oct/12Dinas Cromlech
 Moon WalkE4 6a ***07/Oct/12Curbar Edge
 Great WallE4 6a ***02/Oct/12Clogwyn Du'r...
 Gable EndE4 6a **11/Sep/12Hobson Moor Quarry
 Wanna Buy a Bolt Kit?E4 6b *11/Sep/12Hobson Moor Quarry
 Fingertip ControlE5 6b ***11/Sep/12Hobson Moor Quarry
 AplombE1 5a ***06/Sep/12Chee Dale Upper
 Mad Dogs and EnglishmenE3 5c ***06/Sep/12Chee Dale Upper
 SirplumE1 5b ***04/Sep/12Chee Dale Upper
 Dead Banana CrackE1 5c **04/Sep/12Stoney Middleton
 Scoop WallE2 5c ***04/Sep/12Stoney Middleton
 AlcasanE2 5c **04/Sep/12Stoney Middleton
 Private Prosecution6c **04/Sep/12Horseshoe Quarry
 DragonflightE3 5c **04/Sep/12Water-cum-Jolly
 Pool WallE5 6a ***03/Sep/12Lawrencefield
 Master's EdgeE7 6b ***03/Sep/12Millstone Edge
 Green DeathE5 5c ***03/Sep/12Millstone Edge
 KnightsbridgeE2 5c **03/Sep/12Millstone Edge
 LinklineE6 6c ***03/Sep/12Higgar Tor
 Bat Out of HellE5 6a ***03/Sep/12Higgar Tor
 Flute of HopeE4 6a ***03/Sep/12Higgar Tor
 Balance It IsE7 6c ***03/Sep/12Burbage South Edge
 Pebble MillE5 6b ***03/Sep/12Burbage South Edge
 Captain InvincibleE8 6c ***03/Sep/12Burbage South...
 Silent SpringE4 5c ***03/Sep/12Burbage South...
 NosferatuE6 6b ***30/May/12Burbage South Edge
 GoliathE4 5c ***30/May/12Burbage South Edge
 Downhill RacerE4 6a ***17/May/12Froggatt Edge
 StrapadictomyE5 6b ***17/May/12Froggatt Edge
 London WallE5 6a ***17/May/12Millstone Edge
 Edge LaneE5 5c ***17/May/12Millstone Edge
 Impossible SlabE3 5c ***14/Jul/11Stanage North
 ArchangelE3 5b ***20/May/11Stanage Plantation