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Wishlist for Seb2007

15 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Rock the Kashbah44320/Aug/11Escalera Arabe
 Amptrax2602115/Aug/11Frontalas Bajas
 Valentines Day177615/Aug/11Frontales Medias
 Little Brown Baby1321212/Aug/11Frontalas Bajas
 Guerrero del abismo5-12/Aug/11Los Cotos
 Poema de Roca P12281912/Aug/11Frontales Medias
 Arabesque891012/Aug/11Escalera Arabe
 Un Lait Fraiche Pour Le Monsieur31312/Aug/11Las Encantadas
 Gros Rouge58212/Aug/11Las Encantadas
 Redders118612/Aug/11Las Encantadas
 Sara89612/Aug/11Las Encantadas
 To Wish the Impossible2343412/Aug/11Blacknor South
 Sacred Angel1992212/Aug/11Blacknor South
 Anack Sunamun51712/Aug/11Frontales Medias
 Habana Club60212/Aug/11Frontales Medias