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Wishlist for najki_2000

31 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Luna llena5-16/Oct/14Arico Lower Gorge
 Lactantes1-16/Oct/14Arico Lower Gorge
 Quality Control3051623/May/14Chee Dale Upper
 Poison Ivy25402/May/14Llanymynech Quarry
 Walking with Barrence80302/Mar/14Dinbren Crags
 Swordfish7-06/Oct/12San Vito lo Capo...
 Per I Nostri Amici17-06/Oct/12San Vito lo Capo...
 Gaspare2-02/Sep/12San Vito lo Capo...
 Hot Stuff99529/Aug/12Dinbren Crags
 Ratzinger Zeta2-09/Aug/12Crown of Aragon
 Cat Walk12209/Aug/12San Vito lo Capo...
 Pregnancy Rocks Boyo!27407/May/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Barba Yorghos18317/Apr/12Arginonda
 Happiness41-17/Apr/12Stankill &...
 Adolf in the Bay51-17/Apr/12Iannis
 The End of Mythos30211/Apr/12Arhi
 Crack11207/Apr/12Ocean Dream
 Happy Birthday10-07/Apr/12Ocean Dream
 Lucifer's Hammer80407/Apr/12The Spartan Walls
 Monahiki Elia3321707/Apr/12Grande Grotta
 Pirates of Kalymnos31206/Apr/12The Ghost Kitchen
 N729-06/Apr/12The Ghost Kitchen
 Great Albert1-06/Apr/12Noufaro
 Il movimento sexi42-06/Apr/12Ocean Dream
 Beta Bloc11-06/Apr/12Ocean Dream
 Beautiful Helen171406/Apr/12Iliada
 Carpe diem264806/Apr/12Panorama