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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Wet T-Shirt Contest7a+ **07/MayBroadhaven Cove
Renaissance7c S1 **07/MayBroadhaven Cove
Supercool8a+ ***07/Oct/15Gordale Scar
Fighting Torque8a **04/Oct/15The Cuttings
The Mind Terrorist7c+ **04/Oct/15The Cuttings
Want Out7b ***04/Oct/15The Cuttings
The Breathing Method8a ***04/Oct/15The Cuttings
Hall of Mirrors7c ***04/Oct/15The Cuttings
Slave to the Cave7b ***04/Oct/15Dancing Ledge
Mariner's Graveyard7a+ ***04/Oct/15Dancing Ledge
Fat Chance Hotel7b+ **04/Oct/15Dancing Ledge
Prophets of Rage7b **04/Oct/15Dancing Ledge
Carpe Diem7b+ **04/Oct/15Promenade
Tessellations7b ***04/Oct/15Promenade
Liquid Steel7c **04/Oct/15Promenade
Rise of the Robots7b+ **04/Oct/15Promenade
Titter Ye Not Mrs!6b+ **04/Oct/15Promenade
Spacewalk7b ***04/Oct/15Promenade
Solid State Logic8a **04/Oct/15Promenade
Total Seizure7c ***04/Oct/15Promenade
Delta Dagger8a **16/Sep/15Rhossili Bay
Helvetia8b+ ***16/Sep/15Rhossili Bay
Verdon Dreaming7a ***06/Aug/15Berry Head (The Old...
Newton's WalE3 5c *18/Jun/15Cheddar Gorge South
AtmosfearsE5 6a ***31/May/15Avon Gorge (Main...