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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
ScalpelHVS 5a *18/MayGreat Zawn
Roslin RivieraE4 6a ***21/MarJuanjorge
Pixie Titsf7B+ 16/MarCrookrise
Fluidef7C 11/Nov/15Crow Crag
Plantation CrackHVS 5a **11/Nov/15Plantation Crack
Leaning Block Artf7A+ **08/Nov/15Sharp Haw and...
Comet WallHVS 5a *06/Nov/15Guisecliff
Grey Mares Tail (LH)III ***25/Oct/15Grey Mare's Tail
The Magician's Nephewf6B+ **25/Oct/15Queens Crag
April FoolE2 5b **25/Oct/15Howlerhirst Crag
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'7b+ ***03/Sep/15Yew Cogar
Lost In Thought and Lost In Time7b+ ***03/Sep/15Attermire Scar
ChimeraE2 5c ***03/Sep/15Giltar Walls
Timer TravellerHVS 5a *02/Sep/15Carn Etchachan
DraculaE3 5c ***02/Sep/15Duntelchaig
A Likely StoryHVS ***02/Sep/15Eagle Rocks
Bludgers RevelationHVS 5a ***01/Sep/15Buachaille Etive Mor
Illywacker7b+ ***31/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Clever Skinf7A+ **27/Aug/15Baldstones
Vlad the ImpalerHVS 5a **26/Jul/15Stac Pollaidh
Make My Heart Flyf6A **24/Jul/15Yeadon Crag
Uncertain Emotions7b ***24/Jul/15Creag A'Bhancair
Hamish Teddy's Excellent Adventure7b+ **24/Jul/15Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Mothership Reconnectionf7A+ ***24/Jul/15Thorn Crag
Afterlifef7B+ **24/Jul/15Wolfhole Crag