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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
JudasE1 5b *25/MayGreat Zawn
Four for TexasE2 5b **15/MayCarn Gowla
Immaculate GrooveE1 5b **15/MayCarn Boel
Crack In The SkyE1 5b **15/MayCarn Barra
Nelson's EyeE1 5a 15/MayCarn Barra
Smash And GrabE2 5c 15/MayCarn Barra
Madonna of the wavesE2 5c **27/AprVessacks West
Midnight RunnerE1 5b **27/AprChair Ladder
KittiwakeHVS 5a **27/AprChair Ladder
The ShieldE1 5a *27/AprCarn Kenidjack...
DialecticHVS 5b **27/AprCarn Barra
Illustrated ManE2 5b **27/AprCarn Barra
ZarathustraE2 5b *25/AprGreat Zawn
Diamond TiaraHVS 5b *09/AprBosigran
A Sackful of ClownsE1 5b **09/AprCarn Gowla
Monochrome MenE1 5b **29/Oct/15St Loy Cliff
Bow WallE2 5b ***17/Oct/15Bosigran
Astral StrollE1 5b ***17/Oct/15Zawn Duel and Carn...
Chlorophyll ClusterE1 5b **10/Oct/15St Loy Cliff
MercuryE2 5b ***10/Oct/15Carn Gowla
Rainbow GamesE2 5b ***11/Jun/15Carn Gowla
The Mercury ConnectionHVS 5a *11/Jun/15Carn Gowla
Thunderbolt And LightningHVS 4c *11/Jun/15Carn Gowla
GladiatorE1 5b *06/Jun/15Baggy Point
West Face DirectE2 5c **06/Jun/15Chair Ladder