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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Septuagenarian6a *Lead O/S28/Aug/15Bus Stop Quarry
Whizz Bang6c *Lead RP28/Aug/15Bus Stop Quarry
Beltane7b+ **Lead dog28/Aug/15Bus Stop Quarry
Bosch Stop Quarry6a+ Lead O/S28/Aug/15Bus Stop Quarry
Bish Bash Bosch6a+ Lead O/S28/Aug/15Bus Stop Quarry
Arachonothera6b *Lead22/Aug/15Chee Dale Upper
Prawnography6c *Lead22/Aug/15Chee Dale Upper
Sturgeon in the Cupboard7c **Lead dog22/Aug/15Chee Dale Upper
Virgin King7b+ **Lead RP15/Aug/15Stoney Middleton
Dreamcatcher6b+ *Lead rpt15/Aug/15Stoney Middleton
Last Dog7b *Lead RP08/Aug/15Gordale Scar
Strictly Ballroom7b *Lead O/S07/Aug/15Gordale Scar
When Reason Sleeps7a+ *2nd24/Jul/15Smalldale Quarry
Virtual Insanity7a+ **2nd24/Jul/15Smalldale Quarry
First Offence6c+ *2nd24/Jul/15Smalldale Quarry
Toys for the Boys7c+ **Lead dog23/Jul/15Chee Dale Upper
Go Cat7a **2nd21/Jul/15Chee Dale Lower
In the Drink6c *2nd21/Jul/15Chee Dale Lower
Al's AtticV6 6b Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Quick WallV3 6a Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Tweedle DeeV0- 4a Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
StepsV0- 4a Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Steps (sit start)V0 4c Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Tweedle DumV0- 4a Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
The CornflakeV5 6b Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
My Crazy Headf6B **Sent19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Don't Talk To Strangers6c *Lead O/S18/Jul/15Stoney West
Procession6b+ *Lead O/S18/Jul/15Stoney West
A Timer and a Place6a *Lead O/S18/Jul/15Stoney West
Deconstruction6a Lead O/S18/Jul/15Stoney West
Great PeterE1 5b **Lead11/Jun/15Lawrencefield
Billy WhizzE2 5c ***Lead11/Jun/15Lawrencefield
Manchester ButtressHS 4b ***2nd09/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Central TrinityVS 4c ***Lead09/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress DirectE1 5b ***2nd09/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Christmas CrackHS 4a ***2nd09/Jun/15Stanage Popular
Incapacity Benefit7a+ **Lead RP06/Jun/15Water-cum-Jolly
Gates of MordorE3 5c ***2nd30/May/15Millstone Edge
The Great SlabHS 4b **Lead30/May/15Millstone Edge
BillingsgateE1 5b **Lead30/May/15Millstone Edge
Embankment 1 - First PitchVS 4c *Lead30/May/15Millstone Edge
The BeestE3 6a ***AltLd23/May/15Beeston Tor (Manifold Valley)
Pocket SymphonyE1 **Lead O/S23/May/15Beeston Tor (Manifold Valley)
Deaf DoveE2 5c *2nd23/May/15Beeston Tor (Manifold Valley)
EvensongE1 5a **2nd23/May/15Beeston Tor (Manifold Valley)
Rabbit's Pawf6B Sent17/May/15Secret Garden
The Monster KittenE1 5c -16/May/15Vivian Quarry
Too Bald to be BoldE2 5c **-16/May/15Vivian Quarry
Comes the DervishE3 5c ***-16/May/15Vivian Quarry
Last Tango in ParisE1 5b **-16/May/15Vivian Quarry