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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Ox-Over Moon 6a+ ** - 18/Aug Oxwich Bay Quarry
My Inheritance 6b+ - 18/Aug Oxwich Bay Quarry
Telefunken U47 5a *** - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Stinking Of Fish 6a+ * - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Wij Zitten Nog In Een Sneeuwstorm 6c ** - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Miss You 6c ** - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Mister Polite Goad 6c+ - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Double Dutch 6c ** - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Cheesy Flaps 5a * - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Jap's Eye 6a * - 17/Aug Barland Quarry
Armorican VS 4c *** - 15/Aug Craig Caerfai
Caerfai Crack HS 4b * - 15/Aug Craig Caerfai
White Wall HS 4b * - 15/Aug Craig Caerfai
Bosch Stop Quarry 6a+ - 22/Mar Bus Stop Quarry
Scheherezade E4 6b ** - 22/Mar Never Never Land
Sans chisel variation 6b * - 22/Mar Serengeti
Peter Pan 6a+ ** - 22/Mar Serengeti
Swiss Air 6c * - 21/Mar Never Never Land
Fresh Air 5c ** - 21/Mar Never Never Land
Horse Latitudes 6a+ ** - 21/Mar Rainbow Slab Area
Nik-Arete 6b+ - 21/Mar Rainbow Walls
Over Taken By Department 'C' 6a ** - 21/Mar Rainbow Walls
First Stop 5a - 20/Mar Bus Stop Quarry
Jagged Face 4a - 20/Mar Bus Stop Quarry
The Big Easy 4a - 20/Mar Bus Stop Quarry