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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Shattered Pillar5c *Lead O/S18/Jun/15Giggleswick South
The Ice Hose6a Lead O/S18/Jun/15Giggleswick South
The White Spider6a+ *Lead O/S18/Jun/15Giggleswick South
The Second Ice-field6a+ *Lead O/S18/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Alpiglen5c Lead O/S18/Jun/15Giggleswick South
Parallel CracksS 4a *Lead O/S??/Jun/15Wilton 3
Slime ChimneyVD *Lead O/S??/Jun/15Wilton 3
KayVS 4b **2nd O/S??/Jun/15Wilton 3
Crooked CrackVS 4c **2nd O/S??/Jun/15Wilton 3
Yew Tree ClimbVD Lead O/S05/Jul/14Castle Rock of Triermain
Gangway ClimbVD **Lead O/S05/Jul/14Castle Rock of Triermain
Jean JeanieVS 4c ***2nd O/S12/Jun/14Trowbarrow
JomoVD ***Lead O/S??/Jun/14Trowbarrow
Stacked DeckHS 4b **Lead??/Jun/14Troy Quarry
Groove And WallHS 4a Lead O/S06/Aug/13Denham Quarry
Low RibVD Lead O/S06/Aug/13Denham Quarry
The LaybackVS 4c Lead O/S06/Aug/13Denham Quarry
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *2nd O/S11/Jul/13Cadshaw Rocks
Pagan's WallS 4a Lead O/S11/Jul/13Cadshaw Rocks
The MantleshelfS 4a *Lead O/S11/Jul/13Cadshaw Rocks
Druid's FaceE2 5b ***TR11/Jul/13Cadshaw Rocks
WetVD Lead O/S??/Jun/13Denham Quarry
Tower RidgeVD Lead O/S21/May/13Denham Quarry
The ClangersHS 4b Lead O/S21/May/13Denham Quarry
Albert's AreteD Lead O/S21/May/13Denham Quarry
Rambling RouteVD *Lead O/S16/May/13Wilton 1
ScimitarD Solo O/S16/May/13Wilton 1
Mohammed the Medieval MelancholicHVS 5a **Lead β08/May/13Denham Quarry
Step in the CloudsS 4b *Lead β08/May/13Denham Quarry
Main BreakHS 4a **Lead β08/May/13Denham Quarry
Route 1S 4a *Lead O/S??/May/13Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
IntraVD Lead O/S??/Apr/13Denham Quarry
Central ButtressD Lead O/S??/Apr/13Denham Quarry
Little ChamonixVD ***Lead O/S??/Oct/12Shepherds Crag
Concave WallS 4a *Lead O/S06/Sep/12Denham Quarry
Central Buttress DirectVD *Lead O/S06/Sep/12Denham Quarry
Step in the CloudsS 4b *Lead O/S06/Sep/12Denham Quarry
Splash AreteVD ***Lead O/S06/Sep/12Denham Quarry
Stacked DeckHS 4b **Lead O/S04/Sep/12Troy Quarry
Right Siamese TwinS 4a Lead O/S04/Sep/12Troy Quarry
Left Siamese TwinS 4a Lead O/S04/Sep/12Troy Quarry
What the Eye Doesn't SeeVS 4c *Lead O/S30/Aug/12Cardwell Quarry
KleenezeVD Lead O/S30/Aug/12Cardwell Quarry
Dust BowlD Lead O/S30/Aug/12Cardwell Quarry
Mohammed the Medieval MelancholicHVS 5a **2nd O/S14/Aug/12Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental MisfitsVS 4c ***Lead O/S14/Aug/12Denham Quarry
Bamford WallS 4a **Lead O/S20/Jun/12Bamford Edge
Brown's CrackHS 4b ***Lead O/S20/Jun/12Bamford Edge
MineyVD 2nd O/S??/May/12Wilton 3
Many Happy ReturnsHVS 5a *2nd O/S27/Jun/11Anglezarke Quarry