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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Factor 156a+ *Lead β07/Oct/12Cheyne Wears Area
Net Asset5c Lead β07/Oct/12Cheyne Wears Area
Kung Fu Panda4a Lead β07/Oct/12Cheyne Wears Area
Nonnie and the Pulp Fiction Tantrum4c Lead β07/Oct/12Cheyne Wears Area
Car Parts, Bottles and Cutlery6b+ *Lead β07/Oct/12Cheyne Wears Area
Not the Same Mistake Again Kath5a Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Flake Away4a Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Echoes Of Trad4c Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Test Pilot6a Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Primordial6b Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This3+ Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 424c Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Rhys Gets Another Monkey Bite5a Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Plastic Tractor3 Lead O/S30/Sep/12Cheyne Wears Area
Ectomorph6a Lead O/S19/Aug/12The Cuttings
Toe the Line6b **Lead dog20/Jul/12Blacknor South
Talk6a+ **Lead O/S20/Jul/12Blacknor South
Love in the Mist6a *Lead O/S20/Jul/12Blacknor South
Nine Years Absence6a Lead rpt20/Jun/12Winspit
Anne-Marie Paid my Fee4c Lead O/S20/Jun/12Winspit
Jargon Eater6b *Lead β20/Jun/12Winspit
Very Sleepy River6b **Lead O/S17/Jun/12Blacknor North
Meg's Got Leukaemia6a **Lead O/S17/Jun/12Blacknor North
Pump Me Tenderly6c+ *Lead RP29/May/12Winspit
Bundle of Joy4a Lead O/S18/Mar/12Cheyne Wears Area
Puppet Show of Memory6a Lead O/S18/Mar/12Cheyne Wears Area
Books Across the Sea6a Lead β26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
East Side Story5a Lead O/S26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
Milly Vanilly6a+ Lead β26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
Infelicity6a Lead rpt26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
I wish I was in Steve's Shoe's5c Lead β26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
Sinister Dexter6b Lead β26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
Chill Dementia5a Lead β26/Feb/12Cheyne Wears Area
Indian Summer6a *Lead O/S???/2012Blacknor North
Nothing's Shocking6a+ *Lead rpt???/2012Cheyne Wears Area
Felix Navidad6a+ Lead β???/2012Cheyne Wears Area
Disobedience Contest6b *TR β29/Jul/11The Cuttings
The Potting Shed6a *Lead β29/Jul/11The Cuttings
Brace Yourself Sheila5a *Lead O/S01/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Nothing's Shocking6a+ *Lead O/S01/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Lucy's off the Wall5a Lead O/S01/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Ecosystem6b+ *Lead β01/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Stone Mason6a+ **Lead O/S06/Apr/11Winspit
Know What I Mean Pal6a *Lead O/S06/Apr/11Winspit
Tom's Patience4a *Lead O/S06/Apr/11Winspit
Inception5c *Lead O/S03/Apr/11Cheyne Wears Area
Infelicity6a Lead rpt03/Apr/11Cheyne Wears Area
Time of the Month6b *Lead β03/Apr/11Cheyne Wears Area
Ocean Boulevard4c *Lead β03/Apr/11Cheyne Wears Area
Last Human6c TR13/Feb/11Cheyne Wears Area