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NameStyleDate Crag name
Nose on leftSent rpt25/Jan/15Clifftop Boulders
Nose directSent rpt25/Jan/15Clifftop Boulders
Right NoseSent rpt25/Jan/15Clifftop Boulders
Cracked AreteSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Slab WallSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Flake MantelSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Cod Eye WallSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Sharp BulgeSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Flake Sitter LeftSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Flake SitterSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Final WallSent O/S25/Jan/15Harborough Rocks
Pink SlabSent rpt20/Dec/14Cratcliffe Tor
Pink AreteSent rpt20/Dec/14Cratcliffe Tor
The FenceSent rpt20/Dec/14Cratcliffe Tor
Chip and ThinSent rpt20/Dec/14Cratcliffe Tor
Cave LeftSent x20/Dec/14Robin Hood's Stride
Flake Gully ContinuationSolo O/S22/Nov/14Ramshaw Rocks
CurlySent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
LarrySent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
MoSent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
His NibsSent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
Honk HonkSent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
Nose on leftSent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
Nose directSent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
Right NoseSent O/S15/Nov/14Clifftop Boulders
Left Arete (left side)Sent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Left Arete (right side)Sent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Right AreteSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Juggy CrackSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Heathery CrackSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Mini pinacle slabSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Mini pinacle left areteSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Layback FlakeSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
1st bay wallSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
1st bay areteSent O/S09/Nov/14Dobb Edge
Poop CrackSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
Handy WallSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
EuryalusSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
V for VictorySent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
Prow LeftSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
Prow RightSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
Victor's LedgeSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
NeptuneSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
The Victory TraverseSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
FinisterreSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
St VincentSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
CalviSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
AboukirSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
TenerifeSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge
Tenerife Right-HandSent O/S01/Nov/14Birchen Edge