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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
BrimstoneE2 5b **Lead25/May/15Millstone Edge
Soho SallyE1 5b *Lead25/May/15Millstone Edge
NeatfeetVS 5b *Lead25/May/15Millstone Edge
JuniperE1 5b 2nd20/May/15Millstone Edge
Street LegalE2 5c *Lead20/May/15Millstone Edge
QuiddityHVS 5a *Lead20/May/15Millstone Edge
S.T.P.VS 4c *2nd17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Fall PipeVS 4c **Lead17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Aphid's WallE1 5b *Lead17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
LatecomerHS 4b *2nd17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Hoey's InnominateHVS 5a Lead17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Chalked UpE1 5a Lead17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Capital CracksVS 5a Lead17/May/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Ten Craters of WisdomVS 5a **2nd16/May/15Dovedale
John PeelHVS 5a ***Lead16/May/15Dovedale
Yew Tree WallE1 5c **Lead16/May/15Dovedale
Flaky WallE4 6a ***2nd15/May/15High Tor
St. PeterE1 5c *2nd13/May/15Stoney Middleton
Bingo WallE2 5b *Lead13/May/15Stoney Middleton
Kelly's EyeE4 6a *2nd13/May/15Stoney Middleton
Third Degree BurnE2 5b Lead10/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Contrary MaryVS 4b *Lead10/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Runner RouteHS 4b *Solo10/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Damascus CrackHS 4b *2nd10/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Damascus Crack Left-Hand FinishVS 4b 2nd10/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
A.M. AnaestheticHVS 4c *Lead10/May/15Roaches Skyline
NosepickerE1 5a Lead10/May/15Roaches Skyline
Condor SlabVS 4c **2nd10/May/15Roaches Skyline
The Green StreakVS 4c **Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Caliban's CaveHS 4b *Lead04/May/15Stanage North
The TempestVS 5a Lead04/May/15Stanage North
Cripple's CrackS 4a *Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Doctor's SaunterVS 4c **Lead04/May/15Stanage North
February CrackHS 4b *Solo04/May/15Stanage North
ChippendaleVD Solo04/May/15Stanage North
WedgewoodS 4b Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Nosey ParkersVS 4c Lead04/May/15Stanage North
Slab HappyVS 5a Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Hueco HeavenHVS 5a *Lead04/May/15Stanage North
Hard NosedHS 5b 2nd04/May/15Stanage North
It's Scary MaryS 4a Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Dennis's HarpHS 4b Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Flake ChimneyD Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Drewitt DrewwittVS 4c 2nd04/May/15Stanage North
Pillar RouteVS 5a Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Shining JewelVS 5a Solo04/May/15Stanage North
StartVS 5a Solo04/May/15Stanage North
MoveHD Solo04/May/15Stanage North
FasterVS 5a Solo04/May/15Stanage North
Slow DownS Solo04/May/15Stanage North