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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Fuck Your Gods7a **Lead12/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Cattle Mutilation Expedition6c+ **Lead12/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Wall and GrooveVD *Solo08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
The AręteS 4a *2nd08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Louie GrooveE1 5b **Lead08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Leeds SlabHS 4b Lead08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Leeds CrackD Lead08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Honest JonnyD Solo08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Flake GullyM Solo08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Flaky Wall DirectVS 4b **Lead08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Magic Roundabout DirectHVS 4c *Lead08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Magic RoundaboutS 4a **Solo08/Aug/15Ramshaw Rocks
Lifelong Learning5c Lead05/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Masson Impossible6c Lead05/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Oh To Lie In5a Lead02/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Sludge Money4a Lead02/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Five Years and Waiting4a Lead02/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Auto Pilot6c Lead02/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Cattle Mutilation Expedition6c+ **Lead02/Aug/15Masson Lees Quarry
Torre de Marfill: No Te Tires Que Hay CristalesF5 4c ***Lead25/Jul/15Ampriu
Perico los Palotes5b ***Lead24/Jul/15Cavallers
Camarón5c **Lead24/Jul/15Cavallers
El negro del diedro6a+ ***Lead24/Jul/15Cavallers
Militares 131 Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Militares 86b Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
MIlitares 146a *Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Militares 115b Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Militares 105a **Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Militares 95c Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Ta Lirsio6c+ **Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Militares 35a Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Militares 25a Lead23/Jul/15Ampriu
Arete de SallanquesD ***Lead21/Jul/15Pico Margalida
Saca Molla5c ***AltLd19/Jul/15Escales
Espero dels Elfos5c **AltLd19/Jul/15Escales
Derailed6a+ Lead15/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Passage of Time6b Lead15/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
The Sewer6a+ Lead15/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Latrine5a Lead15/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Shanks6a Lead15/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Psycho Ceramic6a+ Lead15/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Bimbo the Exploding Lorry Driver's Gulch EliminateHS 4b *Lead11/Jul/15Staden Main Quarry
Bicycle Repair ManE1 5b **Lead11/Jul/15Staden Main Quarry
CharasE1 5b *2nd11/Jul/15Staden Main Quarry
ParaplegeE3 5c *Lead11/Jul/15Staden Main Quarry
Crispy Duck6b Lead08/Jul/15Intake Quarry
The Big Take Out6a *Lead08/Jul/15Intake Quarry
Who Flung Dung6c Lead08/Jul/15Intake Quarry
The China Syndrome5c Lead08/Jul/15Intake Quarry
The Pagoda Tree5a *Lead08/Jul/15Intake Quarry