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Logbook for fragglerock

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Idleburger ButtressVD Lead rptKevin Aston17/Apr/14Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
DaydreamVS 5a *2nd rptKevin Aston17/Apr/14Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
MorpheusVD 4a **AltLd rptKevin Aston??/May/13Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
NightmareS 4a *AltLd βJon Lumb11/Dec/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Idleburger ButtressVD 2nd βJon Lumb11/Dec/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
SyphS Lead O/SJon Lumb11/Dec/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
MorpheusVD 4a **AltLd βLaura10/Dec/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
DaydreamVS 5a *Lead βLaura10/Dec/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
GronkVS 4c **Lead O/STom Prince12/Jul/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
The Gift6b+ Lead O/S 10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Room With A View6a+ *Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Totally Elched6b Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Spoon Jar Jar Spoon6a *Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Maiden Flight6b+ *Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Keep it in the Family6a+ Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Where The Sun Don't Shine6b Lead dnfJon Lumb10/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Loser's Choice6b **Lead O/STom Prince04/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge South
Zanzibar6c *Lead O/STom Prince04/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge South
Off the Wall6b *Lead dogTom Prince04/Jul/11Cheddar Gorge North
Reunion at Nightfall5a Lead O/STom Prince30/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge South
Speaking to a Dead Man6b *Lead O/STom Prince30/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge South
12000 Miles6a+ *Lead RPTom Prince30/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge South
British Summer Time6a+ **Lead O/STom Prince30/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge South
SimianHVS 5a Lead dogTom Prince29/Jun/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
DaydreamVS 5a *Lead rptTom Prince29/Jun/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
MalbogiesHVS 5a ***Lead O/STom Prince22/Jun/11Avon Gorge (Main Wall)
SinewHVS 5a **Lead O/SJon Lumb19/Jun/11Wyndcliffe
CadillacVS 4c ***Lead O/SJon Lumb19/Jun/11Wyndcliffe
KluteHVS 4c **2nd O/SJon Lumb19/Jun/11Wyndcliffe
LuciferaVD Lead O/STom Prince15/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge North
Hot Enough?6a *Lead O/STom Prince01/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge North
What's All This Then?5c *Lead O/STom Prince01/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge North
Dwain Dibbly6a+ Lead O/STom Prince01/Jun/11Cheddar Gorge North
Suspension Bridge AreteHVS 5a **Lead O/SDuncan Johnstone21/May/11Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
Hell GatesHVS 5a ***2nd O/SDuncan Johnstone, Jon Lumb21/May/11Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
GandalfHVS 5a *AltLd dogJon Lumb15/May/11Goblin Combe
ElrondVS 4c *2nd O/SSara Currie, Jon Lumb14/May/11Goblin Combe
Pigott's ClimbVS 5a **AltLd dogDuncan Johnstone, Jon Lumb16/Oct/10Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (Cloggy)
The Spanish InquisitionE1 5a *Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Oct/10Shorn Cliff
TreasonHVS 5a *2nd O/SJon Lumb10/Oct/10Shorn Cliff
Bitter Battle TearsHVS 5a ***2nd O/SJon Lumb10/Oct/10Shorn Cliff
The Laughing CavaliersHVS 5a ***Lead O/SJon Lumb10/Oct/10Shorn Cliff
Great Central RouteHVS 5a ***AltLd O/STom Prince, Jon Lumb16/Sep/10Avon Gorge (Main Area)
NightmareS 4a *Lead O/STom Prince07/Sep/10Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
SleepwalkS 4a **AltLd O/SDuncan Johnstone29/Aug/10Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
SimianHVS 5a 2nd dogJon Lumb24/Aug/10Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
DaydreamVS 5a *Lead O/SJon Lumb24/Aug/10Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
MorpheusVD 4a **Lead rptTom Prince23/Aug/10Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Central RibVS 4b *Lead O/STom Prince11/Aug/10Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Silhouette AreteVS 4c **AltLd O/SDuncan Johnstone, Jon Lumb08/Aug/10Boulder Ruckle
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