34 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The MitreS Lead O/S??/Mar/09Heptonstall
The ManglerVS 5a *Lead???/2009Blackstone Edge
Central EliminateVS 5a Lead???/2009Blackstone Edge
Central GrooveS 4b Lead???/2009Blackstone Edge
Twin CracksD Lead???/2009Blackstone Edge
Belly on a PlateVS 4c Lead???/2009Blackstone Edge
Cow's HideS 4a Lead???/2009Cow's Mouth Quarry
The 'Udder' WayS 4a Lead???/2009Cow's Mouth Quarry
The CrabVS 4c *Lead???/2009Summit Quarry
Creepy CrabVS 4c Lead???/2009Summit Quarry
Layback CrackVS 5a **Lead???/2009Summit Quarry
Curving CrackVS 4c *Lead???/2009Heptonstall
TrepidationVS 4c Lead???/2009Heptonstall
Fairy Steps DirectVS 4c **Lead???/2009Heptonstall
Fairy StepsHS 4b **Lead???/2009Heptonstall
Mille FeuilleMVS 4c Lead???/2009Heptonstall
The ChimneyVD Lead???/2009Heptonstall
The RibHS 4b *Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
WingsVD *Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
PegasusVS 5a *Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
SerpentS 4a *Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
Ronson KirkbyVD Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
PrimateVS 5a *Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
Gorilla BerengiiHS 4c *Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
Gorilla, GorillaVS 4c **Lead???/2008Hutton Roof Crags
Jean JeanieVS 4c ***Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
HarijanVS 4c **Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
Coral SeaVS 4c **Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
Barrier ReefS 4a Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
Ramp AntS 4a *Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
FrontageHS 4b Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
Night FlightVS 4c Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
Boundary GrooveD Lead???/2008Trowbarrow
BarnacleS 4a Lead???/2008Trowbarrow