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NameStyleDate Crag name
Psycho Killer SSSent O/S22/Jul/14Newbury Bridge
Still Climbing SSSent O/S22/Jul/14Newbury Bridge
Dead FingersSent O/S22/Jul/14Newbury Bridge
Boardman's Right HandSent x26/Jun/14Carrock Fell crag
Boardman's Right Hand-30/Jun/13Carrock Fell crag
Boardman's Arete-30/Jun/13Carrock Fell crag
Problem 21 (Stand)-30/Jun/13Carrock Fell crag
Problem 12-30/Jun/13Carrock Fell crag
Problem 11-30/Jun/13Carrock Fell crag
Marlboro ManSent rpt01/May/13Marlborough Bridge
Marlboro HighSent O/S08/Oct/11Marlborough Bridge
Marlboro HighSent x01/Oct/11Marlborough Bridge
Marlboro ManSent x29/Aug/11Marlborough Bridge
Finger StingerSent x19/Aug/11Marlborough Bridge
Marlboro CountrySent x30/Jul/11Marlborough Bridge
Unnamed traverseSent rpt29/Jul/11Marlborough Bridge
Marlboro HighSent x08/Jul/11Marlborough Bridge
Marlboro ManSent rpt01/Jul/11Marlborough Bridge
Vacation DestinationSent rpt30/Jun/11Newbury Bridge
Power to the peopleSent rpt30/Jun/11Newbury Bridge
Wet DaySent rpt30/Jun/11Newbury Bridge
Marlboro ManSent x22/Jun/11Marlborough Bridge
Power to the peopleSent x21/Jun/11Newbury Bridge
Dead FingersSent rpt02/Jun/11Newbury Bridge
Marlborogh LoSent x10/Sep/10Marlborough Bridge
Vacation DestinationSent??/Sep/10Newbury Bridge
Power to the peopleSent??/Sep/10Newbury Bridge
North Face ScrambleSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
South Face ScrambleSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Nihilistic TendencySent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Psycho KillerSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
AlreeteSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Wet DaySent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
ArchangelSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
TraverseSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
First BreakSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Still ClimbingSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Tree LifeSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Dead BunnySent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Giraffe on IceSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Low TraverseSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Ooer BreakSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Mid TraverseSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Dead FingersSent??/Aug/10Newbury Bridge
Belief SystemSent x??/Sep/09Newbury Bridge
Right Wing Sun Wall (5)-??/Jul/85Slawston Bridge
Right Wing Sun Wall (4)-??/Jul/85Slawston Bridge
Right Wing Sun Wall (3)-??/Jul/85Slawston Bridge
Right Wing Sun Wall (2)-??/Jul/85Slawston Bridge
Right Wing Sun Wall (1)-??/Jul/85Slawston Bridge
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