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NameStyleDate Crag name
Christmas CurryLead O/S15/Aug/10Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Popcorn PartySent x15/Aug/10Porth Ysgo
Perrin's CrackSent O/S15/Aug/10Porth Ysgo
Jones' EliminateSent x15/Aug/10Porth Ysgo
TruthSent O/S15/Aug/10Porth Ysgo
Pill Box OriginalSent x15/Aug/10Pill Box Wall
Pillar FinishSent x15/Aug/10Split Infinity Cave
Beaver Right HandSent x15/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Marsh Arete RACSent x15/Aug/10RAC boulders
RAC Arete LefthandSent O/S15/Aug/10RAC boulders
RAC Arete LefthandSent x15/Aug/10RAC boulders
Pump TraverseSent x15/Aug/10RAC boulders
Backside AreteSent O/S15/Aug/10RAC boulders
Frontside TraverseSent O/S15/Aug/10RAC boulders
Scoop AreteSent O/S15/Aug/10Wavelength Boulders
The Alternative Extra OptionLead RP28/Jul/10Kilnsey
Consenting AdultsLead RP28/Jul/10Malham Cove
John Craven's Willy WarmerLead RP17/Jul/10Dancing Ledge
Daylight RobberyLead RP17/Jul/10Dancing Ledge
Idiot Joy ShowlandLead RP17/Jul/10Dancing Ledge
Insect GraveyardLead O/S17/Jul/10Winspit
Resin DevotionLead O/S17/Jul/10Winspit
Stone MasonLead O/S17/Jul/10Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the PebbleLead O/S17/Jul/10Winspit
Jargon EaterTR O/S17/Jul/10Winspit
Victims of FashionLead RP03/Jun/10Battleship Main
Evening FallsLead β03/Jun/10Battleship Main
Margaret on the GuillotineLead β03/Jun/10Battleship Main
Lazy Days and Summer HazeTR β03/Jun/10Battleship Main
Downtown Julie BrownTR O/S30/May/10Blacknor North
Reptile SmileLead RP30/May/10Blacknor North
Cake Walk-30/May/10Blacknor North
Amen CornerTR rpt15/May/10The Cuttings
Chalkie and the Hex 5TR rpt15/May/10The Cuttings
Pining for GlossopLead O/S15/May/10Blacknor South
Driven Like the SnowTR β15/May/10Blacknor Central
The Long WalkLead β15/May/10Blacknor Central
Choc SpeedwayLead β15/May/10Blacknor Central
Kit KatLead β15/May/10Blacknor Central
Shit Happens, ActuallyLead β15/May/10Blacknor Central
Mother's MilkLead β15/May/10Blacknor North
Slings ShotLead rpt15/May/10Blacknor North
PebblesTR RP09/May/10Torbryan Quarry
MaydayLead RP09/May/10Torbryan Quarry
Thread FlintstoneLead RP02/May/10Torbryan Quarry
Bedrock-02/May/10Torbryan Quarry
MatabichosLead β22/Apr/10Margalef
Pa nar FentTR RP22/Apr/10Margalef
Per ComenšaLead β22/Apr/10Margalef
Burbuja RojaLead β22/Apr/10Margalef