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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Progressive Rock Part 16a ***Lead05/Oct/15Lambda
Dom6b ***Lead05/Oct/15Lambda
Schwjieschwanz6a ***Lead05/Oct/15Lambda
Telendos Star6b ***Lead05/Oct/15Lambda
The Homeric Verses6a+ **AltLd04/Oct/15Poets
Ibria6b+ ***AltLd04/Oct/15Poets
Parson's NoseVD TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
Viva Garibaldi!E3 6a **TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
SimulatorHVS 5a **TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
The HelmE3 6a **TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
CoffastroniE2 5b *TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
ZephyrE1 5b *TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
Palace GuardE1 5b *TR25/Sep/15Windmore End
AnticlimbaxVS 4c **TR21/Sep/15Windmore End
Alive and Kicking6a **Lead20/Sep/15Rainbow Slab Area
Horse Latitudes6a+ **Lead20/Sep/15Rainbow Slab Area
The Horsin' Around Finish6a+ **Lead20/Sep/15Rainbow Slab Area
Bella Lugosi is DeadE1 5b *Lead20/Sep/15Rainbow Slab Area
The Flying Horseman6a+ AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
Drillers In The Mist6b *AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
Tombstone Blues6a AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
Yellow Edge6a+ *AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
Gone with The Wind5a *AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
S'portingle Wall6b AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
Hale Bopp Experience6a+ *AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
Andromeda6a *AltLd13/Sep/15Robin Proctor's Scar
AphasiaE2 5b ***2nd O/S11/Sep/15Sergeant Crag Slabs
QuicksilverE1 5b **Lead O/S11/Sep/15Sergeant Crag Slabs
Flake CrackVD TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
Rebel Without a PauseE3 5c ***TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
AlvertonE2 5c TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
StrangewaysE3 5c **TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
Rock and a Hard PlaceE4 6a **TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
Squeezed CitrusHVS 5c TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
Wall StreetVS 4b TR09/Sep/15Windmore End
Touching the VoidE3 5b **TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Chill FactorE3 5c *TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Becher's BrookE1 5a **TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Squeeze My LemonHVS 5a *TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Beanz Meanz...E3 5c *TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
HeinzE2 5b TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Wind PowerE1 5b **TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Cool ManHVS 5a *TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Wind BreakerVS 4c TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Fresh BreezeVS 4b TR03/Sep/15Windmore End
Pritt4a Lead O/S29/Aug/15Punta Corno di Bo
Tony Il Telefonista5a Lead O/S29/Aug/15Punta Corno di Bo
Kuki4c **Lead O/S29/Aug/15Punta Corno di Bo
Norex5a **Lead O/S29/Aug/15Punta Corno di Bo
Cesira5c Lead O/S29/Aug/15Punta Corno di Bo